The 19th Annual Newport Beach film Festival: The Unicorn

By Bryan Seltzer, IPA News


Newport Beach, Ca.   This years 19th annual  Newport Beach Film Festival  was attended by over  40,000 cinema fans, viewing 350 films from 50 different counteries. The annual  one week festival  also  includes domestic films, shorts, music videos and a colligent showcase. The Film Festival was co-founded by Gregg Schwenk who serves as the Executive Director and has the support of over 500 local volenteers assisting  on site durring the week of the Festival.

In association with the movies, film fans were also invited to over 25 evening gala sponsored parties. A Saturday night centerpiece, The Unicorn, directed by Robert Schwartzman, entertained the audiencewith a film  about a young couple that have been engaged to get married four years and were invited to celebrate her parents 25th wedding anniversary and renewal  in Palm Springs ,California. After discussing that her parrents were engaged in sexual threesoms, the young couple decide to try it themself. After visiting a strip club, in hopes of finding a willing partner, they ended up calling for a female partner from  a masage advertisment  that would includer a night of sex. Durring this alchol induced wild evening, the boyfriend becomes jelouswhen he sees how his girlfriend is enjoying the experience  and it reults  to deeper relationship problems threatening their future togther.  ” All that glidders is not gold! ” In the end the experience ends up making the young couples realize that their relationship stronger and opens their minds and hearts that now is the time to get married and commit to each other forever.


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