Elton “Kenny Metcalf” John, Rocks At The Orange County Fair!!

By: Bryan Seltzer
International Press Association


Kenny Metcalf as Elton John, Photo by Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.com

Costa Mesa, CA: The Orange County Fair has set up another fantastic line up of great Tribute Bands playing during this year’s Fair at the Hangar. For the most up to date information, check out www.ocfair.com to pick up your tickets for some of their great events! Tonight was the Tribute band for Elton John with Kenny Metcalf and his team of professional musicians putting on a fantastic show to an almost sell out audience and the thousands that watched the show from outside the Hangar! Those attending could not help but to move, shake, dance and sing along with each song brought to life by Kenny and his band.



Photo by Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.co






The wardrobe of Kenny is also quite unique and “alive”. The Baseball uniform sparkled and to finish the show, a special pair of shoes was slipped into by Kenny making him about 9’ tall and a special, very tall, electrical piano was set up as well! How exciting!




Apparently Kenny has quite a following of ladies to that use the events he plays at as “Girls Night Out”, occupying a good portion of the last row seats so they can stand and dance to the music, letting their hair down in enjoyment!! A happier grouping of women I have never seen! If the music was playing, they were moving, dancing and just enjoying the night!


The audience participation during various songs was funny too with the Crocodile Rock having them make large Croc Jaw movement with their hands while Kenny was singing that song! There was also no shortage of background singers responding to the encouragement to sing as Elton’s great songs were played. What a fun evening was had by all!!


I’m looking forward to attending many more of the Tribute Band shows in the Hanger and hope to see you there too!


My special thanks to Roxanne Hack of the Communications Department at the O. C. Fair that helped make this all possible!

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