Julie Woodley’s 60th Birthday Month!

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Julie Woodley's 60th Birthday Month!

All month long, in honor of Julie turning 60 years young this month, we are offering a free giveaway with:

  • A One Time Donation
    of $50 or more

– or –

  • A $20 a Month Partnership


Every week will be a different giveaway!!
This week’s giveaway is a copy of Julie’s book:
Broken and Beautiful: 31 Days from Healing to Joy

Click Here to Donate and receive a Free Gift!

Many, sexually abused and trafficked, women and men, suffer every day with the painful memories and fears of their past traumas.


Your donation will enable us to train and equip many more professionals and ministry leaders to help these woman and men be set free of their pain and fear.


(Picture left: Julie is sitting above Chicago, IL in the Willis Tower praying for Chicago and beyond.)

Your donations will also allow us to provide the following:
1. Provide scholarships, for the hurting women and men, to attend our In the Wildflowers/Into My Arms Groups. Attending the Groups will them a chance of having a normal and fulfilled life.

A $300 Scholarship will:

  • Allow one person to attend a 10-Week Group Session.
  • Provide a Participant Workbook.


2. Provide a Spanish translation of our In the Wildflowers program.  The need for this translation has become overwhelming.

$7,500.00 will provide the following:

  • Translate both the Leader’s Guide and the Participant Workbook.
  • Add sub-titles to our ten-week video series.


3. Provide a DVD series with curriculum, Shattered & Restored, to Homes for those who have escaped Human Trafficking.  These Homes are crying out for ourShattered & Restored Program.

$70,000 will provide the following:

  • Writing and editing the curriculum.
  • Printing of the completed curriculum.

Click below to view an EXCITING Shattered & Restored promotional trailer!!


This trailer was created by donations of Amazing Donors as yourselves!

Click Here to View

4. Provide Operational funds to:

  • Answer desperate calls for help.
  • Organize Facilitator Trainings.
  • Create Newsletters.
  • Bookkeeping and etc.
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We appreciate any amount you can give!

Thank you and God bless you!!!!

Click Here to Donate and receive a Free Gift!

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