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Scrub Scrub…..then consumed with Heavenly love


You, O Lord have set your love upon me, not just upon, but I am swimming in it. Consumed, overwhelmed, rendered speechless that He calls me HIS! He calls to me with love. He has buckets full of love for me. Just enough to know what it feels like to be sexually abused by so many, sold by my Father to the neighbors as a sex toy, and enough to know the images that are so horrific you lock them away tight. Enough to know—the feelings of being trapped, feeling like a commodity, used goods to be sold.


Feeling the worthlessness of being used by my father and then by other men.

Big men, Big hands, everything Big. I’m small, tiny, no voice, speechless, gagged. Maybe I can disappear, maybe if I work really hard I can pay my own way so I won’t have to be sold. So, I scramble to work and work out of breath, out of strength, don’t rest, you’ll look worthless.


So, I take a hot steaming bath as my tears flow and scrub and scrub until my skin is raw to get rid of the filth left by the BIG men. Maybe I can scrub myself away, scrub their ruff touch away.


I get pregnant, can’t scrub the baby away. I get up every morning and vomit, no warning as I run to the bathroom. My Mother is angry, she makes me clean it up. So again, I scrub and scrub, makes me sick again, scrub some more.


Does she know it could be her husband’s baby? My pregnancy is exposed so they scrub the baby away by taking me to the clinic 260 miles away. They are disgusted with me for getting pregnant, blaming it on a boyfriend, Mike, but my father knows, he knows, I know—lock that secret away, scrub, scrub.


They house becomes a war zone, violence reigns. He hit my head against the fireplace and threaten me with a gun. Slam, slam and scrub me away.


I leave at 18, the day after I graduate from High School.

I walk the 2 miles with only with the clothes on my back never to return. Scrub, scrub—make it all go away.


I am CONSUMED! He does not tarry, He does not wait. His love renders me speechless. He puts a new song in my heart, in my life, in the very pours, and breath of who He made me to be. He replaces the lies of who my father said I was to the truth. I am not to be sold, but to redeemed! I was bought with a price. My New Father desires great and mighty things for Him. The addictions: men, drugs, and alcohol are now replaced with heavenly joy! I am WILD with love for my Abba Father!


I am to be the voice for the voiceless, those that are sold. We will not allow them to be scrubbed away, but to know the consuming overwhelming LOVE of their true Father and the people that love them! We will fight for them!  We are to have the Lion of Judah within us to fight for them.


The consuming love of God gives us courage. No more scrubbing just constant over-the-top love to be shared with the world on behalf of my True Father. He never fails me nor will He fail those sold into slavery. He hears us when we call. No more darkness, no more scrubbing! His consuming love is reigning on us. Let’s start a LOVE revolution for the ones sold.


I hit the street selling myself sexually for a meal, a place to sleep, arms to hold me, it’s a blur of men.  Wash it all away, scrub, scrub.


I get pregnant again with a man’s baby they I so loved, but he didn’t have time for a baby and wife—on to a successful career path. Scrub, scrub, scrub the baby away. Scrub me away—scrub scrub.


And then! A night where it is all planned where I will take my life—scrub, scrub, but God comes with a raging storm of love!  Speaks to me as I am about to take the pills—-loud! Shouting! I LOVE YOU! YOU! I LOVE YOU!

– Julie Woodley, MA

Published article in GoodNewsFL and

Today’s Christian Woman


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  Over the years, Julie has been persistent to bringing   awareness to the HUGE growth of Human Trafficking 

 in the United States.  

(Photo courtesy of Facebook Eric Stock/Bruce Rauner)

Julie is honored to be part of Governor Rauner’s Task Force to raise awareness of the horrific crime of sexual exploitation by being a voice for those that have suffered this tragic abuse. Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois, signed a bill in 2016 to create a task force on Human Trafficking.



On left: Julie speaking at Naomi’s House Grand Opening (opened by Moody Church and other churches in the Chicago area).  Naomi’s House is a home for women who have been sexually trafficked.


On right: Julie attended an Orlando, Florida Conference on Human Trafficking.



On left: Julie interviews with Barbara Beck on the Good Life.


On right: Julie interviews with Arthelene Rippy on the Homekeepers.



Julie created Fashion Shows with the women who had gone through our In the Wildflowers Program and those who Julie had convinced to leave their “Club” lifestyles.

On the right Christopher West joined the group and in both photos, Super Model, Kim Alexis was present.



On left: Julie traveled to Uganda, Africa to bring the love of God to traumatized children, their mentors and women in this beautiful, yet trauma ridden country with Human Trafficking.


On right: Julie with many victims from Human Trafficking at Northland Church in Orlando, Florida.

Julie speaking at LoveOutreach Center’s 2nd Annual

Walk for Love – Human Trafficking Awareness”

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Julie’s passion is to not ONLY bring awareness to Human Trafficking, but  a way for the victims to heal from their horrific experiences.


That is why Julie is determined to create her DVD Program with curriculum, Shattered & Restored. Julie along with many other incredible Christian Professionals want to create this Video/Curriculum to heal those that have been traumatized. 


 Stay Tuned next week for our NEW  

 Shattered & Restored Promotional Trailer! 

Julie’s first-hand trauma experiences, is why she is so passionate about all her projects and the forgotten women, men and children.


As a survivor of numerous traumatic circumstances, Julie’s story has been aired on various radio programs including:

  • Of Faith and Family with Dr. Richard Land
  • Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson
  • Unshackled by Pacific Garden Missions
  • And many other radio broadcasts including Moody Radio, as well as the 700 club and Life Today.

Julie wants to create a unique DVD and Curriculum program, Shattered & Restored, that will specifically help heal the scars of Human Trafficking trauma.  This project will help those cope with their trauma and allow God’s healing from the torment that they experienced. There are a few projects that are currently being used by the victims, however, the people that run the safe homes and the counselors that work with them are asking Julie to create a project that is very relatable to the victims of human trafficking.  They are asking for something in a DVD form for those who can’t read and that could be adapted to different cultures.


Please consider doing your part and donate to the creation of this much needed Video/Curriculum. We cannot move forward without your help.

Please consider the children whose lives seem lost. You can give them the hope of healing and living a life filled with love, laughter and accomplishments.

Click here to make your tax-deductible donations.



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