America, Love it or Leave it…. your choice!

August 22, 2017

Question! Why is this not labled as “Hate Speach” and this man allowed to continue seeking “death to all Jews”?? Why is this man not arrested? Why?

As recently noted…..

“California Islamic Cleric Incites Violence Against Jews – In a  sermon given in the US., Islamic leader Shahin called for a worldwide genocide of the Jewish people. The preacher explained why he believes the genocide must happen.”

This is not the American way. If someone does not like our Constitution and the Freedoms in the USA, let them leave and go back to the countries that they came from or to those who believe like they do. In almost every case though, those people do not like the countries they left and to not want to live in a country that believes as they do.

This is America! Love it or Leave it, the choice is theirs!

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