Iranian Forces Launch 30 Rockets at Israel, Israelis Rush to Bomb Shelters

Special Israel News Brief!

May 10, 2018

Around 20 rockets were fired from Syria at Israel in the Golan Heights around midnight Wednesday.

Israel believes the rocket fire came from Iran’s Al-Quds force, from an Iranian military base in Syria, adding that Israel’s anti-missile system intercepted four of the projectiles while the rest did not land in its territory. The incident came after weeks of rising tensions, while Iran establishes it’s military on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights close to Israel.

Last night 28 Israeli planes took part in raids over various parts of Syria, with a total of around 60 missiles fired. Russia’s defense ministry said today.  At least 23 fighters, including five Syrian regime troops and 18 other allied forces, were killed in the attacks. A Russian deputy foreign minister called for “restraint on all sides.”


 Reporting From Israel

 Cheryl Hancock-Watts  

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