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Importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque – In a survey, University students in Amman Jordan were asked “How important is the Al-Aqsa mosque to you”.  40% did not know what the Al-Aqsa mosque was.  The rest said that it’s not important to Jordan or themselves.  So for the ‘Palestinians’ to say that it’s the 3rd holiest site in Islam, is not shared by many Muslims.
This picture of the Al-Aqsa mosque was taken in the early 1900’s. When the land of ‘Palestine’ was under the Ottoman Empire.  They did not regard the Temple Mount as the third most holy site of Islam. 
Palestinian Authority and Fatah Secretary:
The US “is an enemy of the Palestinian people” Fatah official: Pence’s visit to “the Al-Buraq Wall” (the Western Wall) “is an attack against the Palestinian people, the activities of rage will continue. The Al-Buraq Wall is an inseparable part of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it is an Islamic site”.   By Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Prime Minister Netanyahu discusses with President Putin of Russia, Iran’s relentless efforts to establish a military presence in Syria, which Israel strongly opposes and are also taking action against.  Israel also discusses Iran’s effort to turn Lebanon into one giant missile site, a site for precision missiles against the State of Israel, which  Netanyahu says “We will not tolerate.”
Portions of the St. Mary’s Coptic Convent in Bethlehem have been unlawfully taken over by a local Muslim family, and the nuns living there exposed to routine physical abuse. Sisters Maria and Esther have filed official complaints against the Mahatna family, but Palestinian Authority courts have failed to take any real action. The convent remains partially occupied, despite the fact that the nuns filed their first complaint back in April of 2017, when a female member of the Muslim family, Rania Mahatna, assaulted Sister Maria and caused damage to the property. It was when the nuns were on their way to the police station to file that initial complaint that a second major incident occurred. Rania’s brother, Rami, along with a gang of friends, stopped the nuns’ car and attacked it with iron bars. A police officer who witnessed this attack reportedly later changed his testimony when questioned in court.
The Palestinian Authority (PA) is angry with Israel’s finance ministry decision to cut $147,000 from the taxes it collects on behalf of the PA to “compensate collaborators.” Last summer the Jerusalem District Court sided with dozens of Arab plaintiffs who sued the PA for health and mental damages after its security forces arrested and imprisoned them in detention dungeons where the plaintiffs were tortured, their healthy teeth were pulled and urine was injected into their veins by PA interrogators. (Many of these so-called collaborators saved people’s lives as they gave info to Israeli Authorities to stop attacks by Arab ‘Palestinians’.)  These people who were tortured are Heroes!
Abbas Threatens War if Trump Doesn’t Rescind Jerusalem Declaration – “Jerusalem is the key to peace if it is our capital, and if it is not – it is the key to war. Trump will need to choose.
The Egyptian government has quietly been encouraging its people to accept that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, and that the Palestinians should be able to reasonably establish their capital in Ramallah. Before that, a top Saudi expert explained to the Arab world why Trump was right to accept Israel’s claims to the Holy City.
Jewish Rabbi and Father of 6 shot in drive-by shooting. The Palestinian Authority celebrated and glorified the murder. The father of 6 children ages 10 months to 10 yrs. old.
Israel’s Noveto has invented “sowlo” – the virtual headphone – that beams the sound from your device directly into your ears. Sowlo’s 3D sensors and algorithms find your face and a tiny speaker focuses the sound at your ears. No sound leaks out even when you move your head.


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