Bath Tensions Bubble Over


February 24, 2017

Bath Tensions Bubble Over
The media must have gone to Nancy Pelosi’s school of politics: We have to criticize the decision before we know what’s in it! Together with Hollywood, the hysteria over President Trump’s announcement on school showers and bathrooms is so deafening that it’s drowning out the practical effect of the move.
Libs Can’t Bank on Boycott in NC
The boycott North Carolina bandwagon has a new rider: the NAACP. Despite the fact that most people’s attention is on Texas, not Tarheels, some far-Left groups are still trying to inflict pain on the states that listened to voters and protected privacy.
Ill Will on Health Care
People looking for a pick-me-up on Obamacare got a big one at last night’s CPAC. Like most Americans, conservatives have been anxiously looking for signs that the repeal of the Obama’s biggest mistake was closer to reality than reports suggest. And while the GOP is desperately trying to work out the kinks, Vice President Mike Pence did his best to set people’s minds at ease. “Let me assure you. America’s Obamacare nightmare is about to end.”
FRC in the Spotlight
What do ribeyes have to do with religious liberty? Find out in my new Christian Post op-ed, “Trump: Please Stop Government Meat Inspectors’ Threats to Religious Freedom.”

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