“Adulterated” COVID Shots Need To Be Recalled

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October 25, 2023

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – After three years of drug manufacturers and regulatory agencies insisting the COVID shots were safe, study findings by independent scientists now show that certain mRNA shots are “adulterated” with bacterial DNA raising serious questions about why this contamination escaped regulatory detection and why it wasn’t disclosed by the manufacturers. The study’s findings have been replicated by other scientists prompting several international medical organizations to call for the immediate recall of all COVID shots.

Last week, Canada’s public health authority confirmed that bacterial DNA fragments were found to be contaminating Pfizer’s mRNA COVID shot and that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination when filing for the shot’s government approval. Researchers say the contaminants are parts of DNA sequences that can “integrate” into the human genome and present a cancer risk and can possibly even pass on genetic damage to future generations. Despite acknowledging the contamination, Health Canada stated they continue to support the use of the COVID injections.

In the verified study published in April 2023, four Massachusetts-based researchers discovered the contamination involved the DNA sequence known as Simian Virus 40 (SV40), which is a gene therapy tool known to be taken in by human cells. While SV40 was originally used to make polio vaccines and was eventually discontinued due to cancer links, variants can be used today to help manufacture mRNA. In manufacturing the mRNA COVID shot, DNA molecules called plasmids are used to make and multiply the mRNA so that it can then instruct human cells in making spike proteins. By the end of the manufacturing process, all residual DNA sequences are supposed to be “cleaned out” leaving pure mRNA for injection.

However, the study revealed the bacterial plasmid DNA within the mRNA was at “18-70” times higher than limits established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency, and the World Health Organization. Microbiologist Kevin McKernan, lead author of the study and former researcher for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Human Genome Project, stated that SV40 may have contaminated the shot through “poor quality control” during the manufacturing process. He further stated that the association with polio vaccines and cancers, which include non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, mesotheliomas, and cancers of the brain and bone, may have been the reason the manufacturer chose not disclose its presence. McKernan cautioned that these DNA plasmids could “integrate” into the human genome potentially resulting in DNA damage that could lead to cancer or other adverse side effects.

McKernan’s findings were replicated by other scientists. Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, director of the Cancer Genetics Lab at the University of South Carolina, posted several of his findings showing up to “2.5 billion molecules of plasmid and about 100-200 billion pieces of plasmid DNA identified” in the sequence resulting in “a lot of chances for DNA to transfect and integrate.” However, Dr. Buckhaults also downplayed the cancer risk stating that the presence of SV40 in the shots is not the whole sequence but rather just “a piece” of it.

According to Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, McKernan’s research is “unimpeachable” and stated “DNA lasts forever, and if it integrates into your genome, you will produce its product forever.”

A third study by virologist Dr. David Speicher, immunologist and biochemist Dr. Jessica Rose, as well as McKernan, found contamination in not just Pfizer’ shots, but the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson shots as well. The researchers stated they found less DNA fragments in Moderna’s shot noting they “cleaned out their DNA better,” but they concluded the contamination across all these manufacturers is “an ongoing problem.”

Due to the findings, the World Council for Health and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons call for the COVID-19 shots to be recalled and all mRNA injections to be stopped worldwide.

Health Canada has stated that Pfizer “did not specifically identify the SV40 sequence” in the DNA plasmid they submitted during the shot’s approval process. They further noted that only after McKernan and Dr. Buckhaults publicly released their findings that “it was possible for Health Canada to confirm the presence” of SV40 by comparing those published findings with the data Pfizer submitted.

Last week, Dr. Maryanne Demasi, a medical researcher and former investigative journalist for Australia Broadcasting Corporation, presented the contamination findings to the FDA. According to Demasi, the FDA did not “acknowledge the problem of contamination” nor did it answer specific questions. Rather, the FDA stated mRNA COVID shots “are not defined as a gene therapy” and the FDA “is confident in their quality, safety and effectiveness.”

According to Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA platform, the contamination of COVID shots in this manner appears to violate federal law. Dr. Malone stated the findings indicate that the contamination may meet the “formal criteria of pharmaceutical ‘adulteration.’”

“Adulteration” is a regulatory term used in Title 21 of the U.S. Code § 351. According to the U.S. Code, a drug is considered adulterated when it is not “administered in conformity with current good manufacturing practice” meeting the product’s purported “quality and purity characteristics.”

Dr. Malone noted that these findings, and the current safety data from worldwide databases, together indicate the shots represent a significant health risk. He further advocated that if the manufacturers do not voluntarily recall their products that all 50 states Attorneys General should consider seizing the remaining stock.

Traditionally, vaccine manufacturers in the U.S have had a liability shield known as the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act. The PREP Act protects manufacturers and distributors with immunity from ”any claim of loss” resulting from the manufacture and administration of medical countermeasures, except in cases of “willful misconduct.” On May 29, 2023, the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services amended regulations under the PREP Act to protect COVID-19 medical countermeasures until at least Dec. 31, 2024.

Yet on July 12, 2023, a Michigan judge issued a first of its kind ruling that a drug manufacturer was not protected by the PREP Act. The case involves a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences, the maker of the COVID-19 medication Remdesivir. In December 2021, the company recalled 55,000 vials of the drug that were found to be contaminated with glass particles. The lawsuit alleges the drug caused a patient to have two strokes and a leg amputation. The suit also cites numerous documents, public statements, and press releases that Gilead Sciences demonstrated “a pattern of downplaying or omitting altogether the clinical dangers experienced by patients from remdesivir use…”

Circuit Court Judge Carol Kuhnke wrote, “…the government, I don’t believe, sought to protect a negligent manufacture of the product. And when the product has some contaminant in it, it is not meeting the requirements to avail itself of the PREP Act. It is no longer a covered countermeasure.”

The judge’s decision allows the case to proceed to trial. In addition, the Michigan ruling provides a new precedent for attorneys to file class action lawsuits on behalf of COVID-19 countermeasure victims.
Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “These scientific findings either suggest wholesale incompetence of drug manufacturers and regulatory agencies or they demonstrate unlawful collusion and fraud between these organizations. Independent scientists have done an incredible service exposing the truth behind these injections and drug companies and administrators now need to be concerned about answering for their unlawful actions in court. Drug manufacturers have no legal immunity for fraud or willful misconduct.”READ THIS ON OUR WEBSITE
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