After Alex Jones, who’s next?

After Alex Jones, who’s next?
We’re close to losing all our basic freedoms – including free and fair elections
By Joseph Farah

The Speech Code Cartel is baring its teeth – apparently unintimidated by comments from President Trump, the concerns of members of Congress, and accusations of censorship from both fans and antagonists of the fiery and controversial talker who stands against globalism, for borders, against the Deep State and for the president.

On Thursday, Twitter took the apparently unprecedented stand of banning Alex Jones and his website permanently from the social media site.

In other words, he was banned for life from participating in the national dialogue for the vague offense of “abusive behavior.”

To put this in perspective, the violent, criminal thugs at Antifa are not banned from Twitter. In fact, a quick search turned up many of them on the platform. To my knowledge, Alex Jones has never physically attacked anyone nor advocated such violence.

To top it off, Jones has now been suspended or banned entirely by Twitter, Apple, Facebook and YouTube.

“We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts’ past violations,” the company said in a series of tweets. “We wanted to be open about this action given the broad interest in this case.”

Open? That sounds like the closing of a door on freedom of speech to me.

And where does that end? Who’s next? Where’s the trial? Who participated in this star chamber judgment? Where does one appeal a decision by a “utility” to shut off your service because it doesn’t like your politics?

Those are the thoughts going through my mind today in light of what I perceive to be a clampdown on institutions like free speech, the free press and freedom of religion by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon, which I call collectively the “Speech Code Cartel,” all of whom rely on the guidance and mentoring of the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center – the left-wing name-callers who see white-sheeted racists under every bed.

This is getting serious, folks. This is getting scary.

This is not how free and open societies operate. This is the modus operandi of Orwellian-style group think and totalitarianism.

Twitter hasn’t banned me and WND yet. Neither have Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple or Amazon. But I know they don’t like me and my news site. And as you all know, they have been exacting a toll on us that is likely more painful than the one Alex Jones is experiencing. We, as I have been telling you, are fighting for our very professional lives here. I know many of my colleagues in the independent, alternative media are facing similar challenges in utilizing the necessities of these search engine and social media monopolies that have become America’s town square.

I’ll say it again: What we’re seeing represents an existential threat to our First Amendment-protected liberties. And I suspect it is reflective of a coordinated effort to do away with free and fair elections of the future – if not to reverse the last one.

But once America loses free elections, free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, all is lost – our very foundations of liberty. Believe me, we’re close. And they could all be lost in the next two months.

WND will continue to fight this censorship and, I believe, illegality as long as we have God-given breath in our lungs and blood pulsating through our arteries. Because that’s what we do – fight for truth, justice and light.

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