Alonso Llosa’s La Restauración (NBFF 2020)


Movie Review

By: Bryan Seltzer

International Press Association,

The setting for this movie, Alonso Llosa’s La Restauracion, is in Lima Peru and has a story line that could have taken place almost anywhere. It’s well written with Spanish dialogue and easy to follow English subtitles. The filming is awesome as it takes you into the world of those who “had much” and now must do their best to continue on with little yet, there is on remaining asset that is dividing between respecting Family and the need of an individual for drugs and the party life.

 There is a mix of humor with sadness as choices are made by Tato, a 51 year old man that had the good life but now is living with his mom, a woman who is close to dying. Certain events take you through his and their lifes struggles until proper direction is realized by Tato as he wakes up and has his own moment of restoration!

 The end speaks well of Tato’s realizing what’s really important in life. This is a film well worth watching and I’m sure you will relate to a friend or someone you know that this will reflect on. Who knows, maybe YOU have had a Tato experience!

I liked the movie and will watch it again!





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