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January 2017
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Amazing Facts on the USA Network
Amazing Facts is now airing soul-winning programming on the USA Network, one of the biggetst television stations in North America, every Sunday morning at 7AM. See how many people you're reaching now with the three angels' messages! more
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Prophecy Encounter Prophecy Encounter
Begins February 17!
Doug Batchelor will present a new, power-packed, 10-part Revelation series called “Prophecy Encounter” from Sanford, Florida, an amazing opportunity for you to share the last-day message at this crucial time in history. …more

2016 2016—A Year of Unrest
The top news stories from last year reveal a chaotic time of turmoil for our world. More turbulent times are ahead—who will be left standing? …more

Man watching angels arriving
Our newest website covering the Bible truth about the second coming is already making an impact. It’s everything you need to know about the “rapture” and the second coming! …go now
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Illuminate the Nations!
Thank you for your tremendous support in 2016! We worked together to illuminate millions of lives with the light of God’s love! Please enjoy our new year-in-review video featuring testimonies and clips from around the world. …watch now
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