America is in the midst of a new civil war

David Kupelian surveys battlefields where the fighting is hottest

Dear WND reader,

Here’s a pop quiz. See if you can tell who recently said this: “Socialism is a common-sense path to a fairer, more prosperous and more democratic USA.”
If you guessed Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you’re really close. It’s actually the Communist Party USA (on their website
Since billionaire Michael Bloomberg imploded at this week’s Democratic presidential debate, the only candidate left with the votes and ground organization to conceivably win his party’s nomination is democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.
Wait. “Democratic socialist”?
President Trump recently called Sanders a “communist,” Rush Limbaugh calls him “an aging hippie communist” and Sean Hannity refers to him nightly as “Bolshevik Bernie.” Are they exaggerating?
We all know about Sanders’ love affair with communist Cuba and his honeymoon in the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. Plus his policies are all insane. Still, is it even remotely possible that a real live Soviet-style communist ideologue could become the Democratic Party’s presidential standard-bearer – and possibly even the next U.S. president?
Hold that thought for a moment.
Meanwhile, consider that Bernie supporter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the spectacularly ignorant but endlessly narcissistic 30-year-old ex-bartender who got herself elected to Congress and quickly became the Democratic Party’s de facto leader, recently said, and I quote: “Billionaires should not exist.” Friends, forget about “socialism” and “democratic socialism” (whatever that means). This sounds like straight-up communism. Remember, Marx and Engels used the terms socialism and communism interchangeably, and the Soviet Union, the mother lode of hard-core communism that extinguished tens of millions of innocent lives, called itself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Why not the Union of Soviet Communist Republics? Because they’re ultimately the same thing, socialism being just a necessary first stage of communism.
Likewise, forget about the “good socialism” Bernie keeps promising (for years he has pointed to Denmark as a prime example) versus the “bad socialism” of, say, Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Except Denmark’s prime minister has demolished Sanders’ claims, saying: “I know that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore, I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”
I know what you’re thinking: Relax. Bernie will never beat Donald Trump in November.
Maybe not, but guess what happens when Sanders’ army of fervent supporters decides their socialist savior has been shafted by the system once again?
“F***ing cities will burn,” promises one Sanders campaign organizer caught on hidden camera by Project Veritas, while a second staffer, also on hidden camera, insists Trump supporters should be thrown en masse into “gulags” – his word – for re-education, “to teach you to not be a f***ing Nazi.” Of course, it was a Sanders supporter who shot and almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise, and another Bernie supporter recently drove through two security barricades at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.
Truth is, Bolshevik Bernie talks like a perpetually enraged old commie and his hordes of “Bernie Bros” sound like violent 1960s Weather Underground revolutionaries. That can’t bode well for America.
Friends, we’re in for some seriously troubled times, even if Trump wins a second term this November.
Many pundits and historians say Americans today are more divided and angry at each other than at any time since the Civil War. Indeed, our nation is increasingly being described as in the grip of a “new civil war.” For beyond the current war within the Democratic Party, and even beyond the all-out war to deprive Donald Trump of a second term as president, an even larger and truly epic conflict rages across the nation as a whole. It’s a war between good, decent, traditional-values, live-and-let-live, middle class Americans and the increasingly enraged, deranged, “woke” totalitarian left that has taken over the Democratic Party and most of our nation’s key institutions.
Even though the impeachment insanity is over – for now, anyway – you can count on the epically dishonest Democratic leadership of Pelosi, Schiff et al, amplified by their legions of media cheerleaders, to continue their “resistance” by any means imaginable – or perhaps unimaginable.
Indeed, the truth is, what we cryptically call “the left” – code for a godless, revolutionary movement steeped in pathological anger and churning rebellion against America as a uniquely blessed Judeo-Christian, constitutional republic – is at war not just with the Trump administration, but with America herself.
This un-American and unholy revolutionary movement is ascendant in all of our major institutions: It has succeeded in wiping out the Boy Scouts, an extraordinarily important institution in the lives of boys and young men for over a century. Likewise our colleges and universities, as well as government schools across the land, are indoctrinating and corrupting our nation’s children as you read this. This movement has taken over our popular culture as well as virtually the entire news media, and of course the far-left Big Tech monopolies that currently control the internet (it is increasingly hard to find WND stories on Google).
Bottom line: You and I are right smack in the middle of a war for civilization, being played out on many battlefields, for the very heart, soul and future of America.

Please consider WND as your war correspondent. Unlike the vast majority of American news organizations today, WND remains staunchly loyal to our nation and to the vision and wisdom of our founders. Jefferson said, “The only security of all is in a free press.” WND, whose motto since our 1997 founding has been “A Free Press for a Free People,” constitutes your eyes and ears on the various battlefields – from the electoral battle with its rampant but largely unreported voter fraud, all the way to “drag queen story hour” and the increasingly hostile attacks on free speech and freedom of religion. Every day, we are watching closely and reporting to you from all of these battlefields.

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David Kupelian
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Editor, Whistleblower magazine
Author, “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and “The Snapping of the American Mind”

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