Bass Pro Shops Opens their Outdoor World in Irvine, CA

By Bryan Seltzer
Director/Sr Editor
International Press Association
March 27, 2024

Arriving early for the 6:00 PM Grand Opening of the first Springfield-based, awesome store in Orange County, I soon realized that this was going to be huge! Thousands of smiling people had already arrived taking up all of the available parking near the store. The stage was set, so much excitement I’ve not seen before for any Grand Opening! Walmart, the prior occupant of the building in the Alton Marketplace near the El Toro Y, only wishes it had just a little of this!

With the number of attendees growing, the concert was started on the Stage with Great “Live” Country Music. Representatives of the Ram’s Cheerleading squad, along with the Bass Pro Shops young dancers, were also throwing out small red balls to the crowd.

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer

As the 6:00 hour neared, the official program started with Prayer, a Flag Ceremony, the signing of the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance! Wow, God, Family & Country all in one! Totally awesome!!

Johnny Morris, the Founder and Chief Executive who was expected to attend, had to stay home as he was not feeling very good. This was reaffirmed as Johnny also passed up on a great fishing opportunity! He would NEVER do that otherwise!

Photo by Bryan Seltzer

Various speakers shared their excitement about working with Bass Pro Shops and how they have always been at the forefront of conservation. I learned so much about the story behind Bass Pro Shops and have even more reasons to visit their stores and buy all the “good stuff” from them!

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer

When the talks were done the crowd started shouting out “open the doors”, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed and the doors officially opened! Wow again!! Oh, also learned that a portion of the sales for the evening was going to be 10% but that was raised to 20% with most of them going to Conservation Organizations within Orange County !! This was like an evening of conservation!

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer

Stepping inside before the main rush, giveaways of Yeti water bottles were presented to the first 100, I believe, coming inside to wander and enjoy all that the new Outdoor World had to offer. The Professional Fishing members were also set up along a signature line where autographs could be received along with a photo opt. Nice!

The store is Celebrating it’s continued Grand Opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so be sure to get there soon and enjoy this awesome Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor World! I know you will come back again and again!