Cooke Media Group Wins Eight Telly Awards for Feature Documentary and Fundraising Videos

Competing against major Hollywood studios and corporations like Apple and Sony, Cooke Media Group’s eight Telly Award winning entries include a fundraising video produced for the Museum of the Bible and a new documentary featuring an award-winning voiceover by Roma Downey.

Los Angeles, CA (May 31, 2023) – Cooke Media Group announced its win of eight Telly Awards in the record-breaking 44th Annual Telly Awards. Honoring excellence in video and television across all screens, competing companies include major Hollywood studios Disney, Universal, Netflix, and Paramount as well as corporations such as Apple, Sony and Microsoft. Cooke Media Group’s Telly Wins represented high-caliber work in videography/cinematography, cause marketing, editing, writing, voice-over and documentary filmmaking.

“With a decade-high record number of exceptional entries submitted, winners truly represented the most innovative stories being told across all screens,” said Sabrina Dridje, executive director of the Telly Awards. She added, “As a Telly Winner, you are truly a standard bearer of excellence in our industry.”

The winning entries produced by Cooke Media Group are:


  • Silver Telly Award: Museum of the Bible—5th Anniversary

Winner in Non-Broadcast—Videography/Cinematography: Official Listing


  • Silver Telly Award: The George Shinn Foundation Charity Car Auction: Benefit for Ukraine

Winner in Non-Broadcast—Cause Marketing: Official Listing


  • Silver Telly Award: Voice of the Martyrs—The John Chau Story

Winner in Non-Broadcast—Editing: Official Listing


  • Silver Telly Award: Nativity—The Art of Maltese Crib-Making

Winner in Television—Editing: Official Listing


  • Silver Telly Award: Nativity—The Art of Maltese Crib-Making

Winner in Television—Writing: Official Listing


  • Silver Telly Award: Nativity—The Art of Maltese Crib-Making

Winner in Television—Documentary: Long Form (Above 40 minutes): Official Listing


  • Bronze Telly Award: Nativity—The Art of Maltese Crib-Making

Winner in Television—Videography/Cinematography: Official Listing


  • Bronze Telly Award: Nativity—The Art of Maltese Crib-Making

Winner in Television—Voiceover (Roma Downey): Official Listing


“As a Christian company, our goal is to convey excellence in every form of messaging we produce, whether it’s a fundraising video, broadcast television, film or documentary,” shared Phil Cooke, co-founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group. Thrilled to receive the coveted Telly Awards, he added, “We were particularly excited that what our team produced for the Museum of the Bible fundraising event was recognized in competition with top studios in Hollywood and international spheres.”


The Telly Awards report 2023 as a record breaking year with nearly 13,000 entries from across the globe and top video and television content producers. Cooke Media Group’s Telly Wins this year add up to a total of 28 Telly Awards since 2010 including productions for the Salvation Army, The Global Water Center, and TBN.


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