Elon Musk’s Epic Battle… Powerful, Invisible Army Set to Destroy Him… FBI, CIA, and Other Government, Deep State Agencies, at War Over Free Speech [Controversial Radio/Podcast Interview]

Election Forum,

Craig Huey’s Reality Alert

It’s an epic battle…

It’s an invisible army…

It’s a war against Elon Musk, free speech, Conservatives, Christians, and Libertarians.

It’s misunderstood, and I tried to clarify the issue when I spoke with Jerry Newcombe, host of Vocal Point.

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During Jerry’s national radio/podcast, I talked about:

  • There is a war against Elon Musk. Musk has revealed to the world that Twitter [and other big tech companies] colluded with the government and government institutions like the FBI and DOJ to take away free speech. This is what you’d expect from Cuba or China, not the United States.
  • Musk is unraveling a coverup of suppression and censorship against Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and Libertarians.
  • The Biden Administration and the politicized, ideological bureaucracies, like the FTC, SEC, and various government agencies, are targeting Musk’s other companies to try to intimidate and silence Musk.
  • Radical activist groups have created a nearly invisible army targeting Musk and Twitter for complete destruction.
  • Over 100 politically active left-wing groups coordinated a strategy to destroy Twitter by stopping advertising with massive texts, emails, and phone calls.
  • stoptoxictwitter.com is a coalition of over 60 pro-socialist groups promoting censorship of conservative viewpoints.
  • Leftist heads are exploding over Musk’s release of ‘The Twitter Files.’
  • Elon Musk is being mocked and attacked every day because he wants Twitter to be a forum in which the freedom of speech is protected.”

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I think you’ll learn things you didn’t know, and you’ll get a better perspective on what we’re up against.

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