Elton, Kenny Metcalf, was in the house! (Hanger)

Elton John (Kenny Metcalf)
Photo by: Bryan Seltzer IPAnews


By:  Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews
     International Press Association

July, 19, 2018

Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Performed by Kenny Metcalf and Band
Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews
Kenny Metcalf and Band

Costa Mesa, CA: Elton John, Kenny Metcalf, climbed out of the “Yellow Brick Road” album cover and performed the whole album live at the Orange County Fair in their Hanger, July 18, 2018, to kick off the 2nd weekend of this year’s Fair! A jam packed audience was treated to Elton’s great music “live” as Kenny and the Band had them moving and grooving in their seats and the isles! Taking a look outside the Hanger doors, there was quite a lively group jamming with this great tribute band as well.


Kenny, in Elton’s style, was quite the fashion on stage and those red shoes… out of this world! For those who have attended on of his concerts before, they knew what to expect but to the newbys, it was a delight to see their hands and bodies unable to hold still!!


Ladies Night Out at the OC Fair enjoying Kenny Metcalf as Elton John
Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews

I soon discovered it was also “ladies night out” when standing behind the last middle row of seats, about 20 gals had purchased the “back row” seats so they could stand and dance throughout the whole concert, 1 ½ hours of just getting into the music! Asking them how it was going, the comment was “It could not be better”!


See you at the Orange County Fair!


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