House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff of California, Liar?

Bryan Seltzer 

Adam Schiff, I’ve been told, is the biggest liar in Congress! I’m inclined to believe that too as every time he opens his mouth he proves it! Rep Shiff drug this country through the mud for 3 years, knowing that he was trying to get his followers to believe his Russian lie! And that is just one of many lies that comes out of his mouth! The trouble is, I think Adam Schiff believes what he says eventhough history proves different. It’s time for Adam Schiff to retire early along with several other of the Democratic Leaders that are working hard to divide America, not bring it together! The fact that the House Leader allows Rep Schiff to stay House Intelligence Committee Chairman further proves their lack of respect for the Citizens of the United States of America!

Lets face it though, whenever Adam Schiff retires or gets kicked out, one this is for sure, Adam Schiff will be “Crooked to the end”!

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