“Does ISIS have the means and capability to strike the United States? YES!

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Excerpts:  “Thirty years of U.S. foreign policy failures have created conditions and circumstances that must be considered when deciding whether to support President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration or to oppose it.”

“Does ISIS have the means and capability to strike the United States? The temporary (i.e., 90-day) restriction on foreign travel to America will provide our domestic national security apparatus with the time and breathing space needed to answer that question and to implement any required measures aiming at preventing an attack.”

“Fact 1: ISIS has infiltrated refugee camps in Germany and elsewhere.

Fact 2: ISIS members have been arrested inside refugee camps.

Fact 3: ISIS has used fake International Office on Migration (IOM) papers to gain entry to European nations and infiltrate the refugee camps.

Fact 4: ISIS has the ability to make passports.

Fact 5: ISIS is in possession of identification documents of innocent people who have fled the conflict zone in the Middle East.

Fact 6: The IOM pushed many people into the refugee camps in the final days of the Obama Administration.

Fact 7: Yezidis and other ethno-religious minority groups have been harassed, threatened, and harmed in refugee camps in Germany by other so-called refugees.

Fact 8: People who were held by ISIS and escaped have spotted their former captors inside their refugee camps.

Fact 9: ISIS wants to hit America and has stated openly and repeatedly that it will use the refugee process to do so.”


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LTC (R) Sargis Sangari

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