It’s Christmas again, so get ready…

It will be commercialized, people will say “Happy Holidays” not “Merry Christmas,” and Santa will get much more press than the Prince of Peace.

It happens year after year – so why do we keep acting surprised? Why do we continue to expect non-believers to act like Christians? 

While national polls reveal that most people still call themselves “Christian,” I’m not seeing them show up on Sunday morning.

The reality is we’re living in occupied territory.

So this year, let’s take a different approach. Sure, the secularization of Christmas is offensive, but being critical changes very little.

This Christmas, I suggest we re-think why we’re here and what our real assignment is on the earth. Are we supposed to reach the lost or complain about the lost?

In other words, if all we do is complain, the culture will simply tune us out. At some point we have to reach out a hand and start a conversation.

So this Christmas, worry less about a store clerk saying “Happy Holidays,” and more about a widow or needy family in your neighborhood.

If we actually live out our faith on a daily basis in our offices, our homes, and with our friends, who knows?

We might actually change the world.

Merry Christmas!

Kathleen and I wish you the very best this holiday.

Phil and Kathleen Cooke
Founders – Cooke Media Group