Joey’s Legacy

FT. MEYERS, FL. ― May 4, 2021
It was in the summer of 2017 that we lost our shining star, the light in our eyes… our boy, Joey, to whom this book is dedicated. He didn’t die as a result of injury or natural causes, like the majority of his sisters and brothers. Joey was given a drug that was contraindicated for his condition, according to its manufacturer. This condition was unknown at the time… unknown because no blood tests were performed to determine organ health, as this drug can damage the kidneys. Two days later, we decided to stop Joey’s suffering, so he was euthanized.
Scott Fine, Founder of
You take your dog to the veterinarian for a teeth cleaning, and it’s the last time you see your furbaby alive. Your veterinarian tells you he died from a heart attack, only he did not. The autopsy from another veterinarian indicates he received twice the anesthesia needed for the procedure. You decide to take the veterinarian to court after he offers $100, but the court rules in the veterinarian’s favor. Courts consider your pet as “personal property,” like a lawnmower or water sprinkler. But pet owners know they are not inanimate objects but family members and are taking the fight to the States.

Veterinary malpractice has tarnished what once was the least tarnished industry, veterinary medicine. Every industry has bad actors, and now veterinarians have joined the ranks in a rapidly-growing way.

Author JL Robb’s, Joey’s Legacy, Volume 1, takes the reader on a journey through the process of the travails and heartbreak of the victims of veterinary malpractice and the coverups that follow, assisted by almost every state Veterinary Board. Veterinary Boards are often owned and operated by veterinarians; and like Police Unions, they are there to protect the veterinarian, no matter that he/she is a bad apple.  

The stories are heartbreaking but tragically, true. Each story is written by the pet owner, in their own words, through their own tears, each an individual chapter in Joey’s Legacy – Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine.

Martin Buber, German Philosopher

Joey’s Legacy – Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine: ISBN 978-1-5136-7879-5 Hard Cover, $35.95; ISBN 978-1-5136-7880-1 Soft Cover, $23.95; ISBN 978-1-5136-7878-8 Digital, $9.99.

JL Robb is a graduate of NC State University’s School of Zoology and served as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman (1968-74). Robb is a two-time cancer and open-heart surgery survivor, is a member of Civitan International and the American Legion and lives in Duluth, Georgia with his Great Dane, Princess.




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