The Last Chuck Missler Conference

The Last Chuck Missler Conference

By Bonnie Brown, Special to ASSIST News Service

COEUR D’ALENE LAKE, IDAHO (ANS – November 4, 2017) — The twelfth and final Koinonia House conference at the beautiful Coeur d’Alene lake in Idaho was held this past week.

Sadly, Chuck Missler, the founder of K-House Ministries, and the reason for everyone gathering, was unable to attend. Chuck is under a doctor’s care in New Zealand and was advised not to make the trip. He did however, show up via video and spoke to us about the importance of studying the scripture which has been his theme all through his ministry.

I have attended five of these conferences and made so many good friends over the years. John Borvin, from Norway, and I met three years ago and have been friends ever since. He has an important ministry helping to take care of the poor in Eastern Europe. He also started a local TV program, On the Bench, and brings guests on to share openly about their faith and what God is doing in their lives. John sees opportunities to glorify God and isn’t afraid to step up. He will be moving forward with two more big plans that God confirmed to him while he was at the conference.

Bob Cornuke, President of BASE Institute, was at the podium again revealing another new book, not yet released. This one takes on the traditions of the church and reveals the ugly truths of how veering from scripture and making stuff up has caused tremendous pain and death throughout the last couple centuries.

Bob also shared a short video clip of a WWII pilot, Lt. Clyde Morgan, that flew around Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia right after the war. There were many in the audience brought to tears by this man’s story. For me it was especially meaningful because recently, I too, went to Mt. Sinai. I knew the humbling and magnificence of the moment he described as God let us see the burnt mountain where God gave Moses the ten commandments.

Another great speaker was William Welty. Welty is a Biblical scholar who is responsible for producing the ISV Bible. In his talk he showed us that every stroke of every letter written in the scripture must be accurate or it can change the whole meaning of the text. Dr. Welty came to us from the hospital and returned to the hospital as he has been fighting for his life this past year. What a faithful servant to the body of Christ!

Pastor Tim Remington also stood before us and recounted his ordeal on March 6, 2016 when he was shot six times outside of his church. It is truly a miracle that he lived and an even bigger miracle, or just plain fruit of the Spirit, that he chose to forgive the shooter and plans to visit him in prison to let him know. He said he loves the man and wants him to know Jesus.

It’s sad to say goodbye to the Christians I’ve met from all over the world. I am eagerly looking for that soon coming day when we all, from each little corner of earth, will hear the shout and the trumpet and then we will be united again forever. Maranatha!

Photo captions: 1) Bob Cornuke with Clyde Morgan interview on the screen. 2) Dr. William Welty author of the new book, Since He Wrote About Me. 3) Pastor Tim Remington and staff of K-House praying for Chuck Missler. 4) ANS founder, Dan Wooding, interviews Chuck Missler, at Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, California. 6) Bonnie Brown.

About the writer: Bonnie Brown is the author of Giigle, a humorous account of massaging Google into a fortune. She runs a private foundation dedicated to loving those that Jesus died for. She travels on adventures with the real “Indiana Jones,” Bob Cornuke, helping him uncover Biblical artifacts and producing associated videos and books. Since converting her life to Christ in 1972, she has dedicated herself to fulfilling Romans 12:1-2. She started a Christian School, spoke on topics such as the occult, children’s toys, and the school voucher system. She worked at a winery, ran a messenger service and flew airplanes for fun. She is a businesswoman, mom and grandmother. Bonnie recently had the remarkable privilege of seeing the real Mt. Sinai and is sharing her experience revealing the evidence of the Exodus story. To contact her, please e-mail Bonnie at:

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