Looking to build your audience? Try Lightcast.com!

March 15, 2018

By:      Bryan Seltzer
            International Press Association


I’ve been checking around for various way to extend viewership, build a larger audience and grow an organization for some time. One of my friends said to check into Lightcast.com and I did! Wow, they’ve got the stuff and “juice” to make it happen!


Wanting to know actual statistics on those viewing, Lightcast.com has a great detailed statistic service showing me the good, bad and ugly but knowing that, they can help to change the bad and ugly to good, better and best! With some amazing outlets available like FireTV, AppleTV/iTunes, Roku, AndroidTV and more, it’s fantastic what their well-designed and custom appearance displays can do to beef up my branding and appeal!


Check out their web site at Lightcast.com (Imagine that, a web address for a name!) and get the skinny today. If you want to accomplish at least two major things like Viewership Growth and Monetization, you are headed in the right direction with Lightcast.com!

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