Oh No! Interior Water Flooding In AZ… Who Are You Going To Call?? Servpro-Buckeye!

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.info

March 10, 2023

By: Bryan Seltzer
International Press Association

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.info

The night was late and packed with excitement when water was left running in the Master Bath and forgotten about. Oh No! Water is now all over the bathroom floor and making its way into the bedroom and hallway…. OMG, what do you do now, who are you going to call??

In this case, a call was made quickly to the Insurance Broker after hours who researched who the Insurance Carrier was so he, the Insurance Broker, could reach out to their Claims Department to report an emergency!

The Carrier has a 24 hr claims reporting department who quickly advised that Servpro in Buckeye, AZ, would be immediately contacted and call the client. Totally awesome! With the claim being reported after 9PM on a Wednesday evening, the Servpro rep in Buckeye called the insured within two (2) hours and set up a time to be there first thing in the morning at 8:00 AM. 

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.info

Right on schedule the Servpro Team showed up and immediately started finishing up removing the remaining water that the insured could not clear. Furniture was moved, carpet pulled up, baseboards and flooring removed, and holes drilled into the walls to make sure all would dry appropriately. Totally awesome crew who knew exactly what they were doing! A joy to watch.

Fans were set to run and the homeowner was able to keep their appointments in California leaving the professional team to complete the drying process. Oh, how wonderful!

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.info

The owner returned a few days later to a now dry flood scene and was advised that the Servpro Team of Nick and Logan would be there first thing in the morning today to put everything back together again. Now how awesome is that! Once again, the Team arrived on time with smiling faces, super personalities and skills beyond their age ready to complete the task at hand. 

Working quite diligently, quickly and smoothly, everything is coming back together again as though the event never happened! To see such great representation by employees of any company is awesome. If Nick and Logan were the only ones you ever met of the Servpro Team in Buckeye, AZ, your impression of the company they work for would be off the charts in excellence! 

Logan and Nick
Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPAnews.info

So, when in a pickle like what happened to this Homeowner in Wickenburg, AZ, “Who Are You Going To Call??” Not Ghost Busters but Servpro in Buckeye, AZ.