San Diego International Film Festival… it’s almost TIME!


Hello to all those who enjoy great films, fun, entertainment and more! The San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF) launches off in just a few weeks, from October 19 to the 23rd. Check out this year’s Films at 2022 Festival Film Guide – San Diego International Film Festival ( After making your list, you can obtain a pass or individual tickets or even a virtual pass this year. How awesome is that!! Just go to 2022 Pass Packages & Tickets – San Diego International Film Festival ( and complete the selection process… then ENJOY the experience firsthand of the San Diego International Film Festival! 

I’ve attended the SDIFF for over 10 years and have met some awesome people from all over the USA and the world. With the events happening or staged at various locations around San Diego, I’ve had my vision of San Diego widened greatly, so much excitement everywhere! They even had an unbelievable event on the Midway Aircraft Carrier last year with several landing on the bow of the carrier from above by parashoots! Those in attendance clapped and shouted for joy as the last one made his successful landing. You never know for sure what may happen next but… several events will be quite entertaining as a great add on to the films. 

What are you waiting for?? Now is the time to get your seats before some of the events or films are sold out!

See you there!

Bryan Seltzer
Director/Sr Editor/Photojournalists
International Press Association
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Orange, CA 92859