With shameful 25-11 vote, CA Senators just attacked counselors, pastors, and people of faith as frauds.

California, in my opinion, is being led down the drain by a few very misguided elected officials who are battling God, the Creator and Jesus Christ! Forgetting what this Nation, the United States of America, was founded upon and all the sacrafices made by those before us, their twisted minds are now following a different god and their lust is taking control of their every thought and giving them a haitred towards the Living God! How much further can they digress you ask, time will only tell but at this rate I do not see them hitting their bottom anytime soon. In my opinion, as a song said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, it may be right and totally on the left side!

Bryan Seltzer

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Greetings from Family Research Council!


We wanted to share the following information with you from our friends at the California Family Council. If you have previously received this message, please simply disregard this second contact.

We did, however, want to make certain that you, your friends, and your neighbors would be aware of this very critical information. We encourage you to join the California Family Council to make your voice heard!

URGENT UPDATE: With shameful 25-11 vote, CA Senators just attacked counselors, pastors, and people of faith as frauds.

AB 2943 is the radical bill from Assemblymember Evan Low and the LGBT Legislative Caucus. With today’s vote, elected leaders told churches and those with biblical beliefs about gender and sexual orientation that advocating for their views could get them sued.


AB 2943 bans counseling, conferences, and even resources advocating the historic Christian theology of gender and sexual orientation.

Our CEO Jonathan Keller gave this statement to the media:
The State of California has no right to shut down counselors, schools, and religious organizations who provide resources and services. Every person experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria must be allowed to pursue help in achieving their desired goals and outcomes.

The implications of AB 2943 are staggering, and spread far beyond merely regulating licensed therapists. Legal experts confirm that by targeting financial transactions, AB 2943 threatens religious non-profits, churches, and pastors who provide paid resources to help people practice their faith.

Please stand with us!

AB 2943 is truly unprecedented. CFC has been leading the national effort to push back against this outrageous bill, and we need your help to keep fighting.
THE BATTLE IS NOT OVER. Today’s vote is only the next step in our fight. The bill still needs to pass a concurrence vote in the Assembly before going to Governor Brown’s desk for his signature.

God is giving us an opportunity to declare His truth about sexuality and gender across the Golden State and around the country. Now is not the time to hide our light under a bushel!
The next few days will determine the fate of AB 2943. Please visit our Action Center to contact your Assemblymember and Governor Brown.

Stand with us for freedom of speech and religious liberty for all in the Golden State.

Together, let’s remind legislators the First Amendment still applies to California!

Family Research Council


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