Tahoe, a Fabulous Place To Ski… But What If You Forgot Your Equipment?

January 7, 2022

By: Bryan Seltzer

For quite a few of us skiers, it’s much easier traveling with just a boot bag and our clothing, leaving the larger equipment, skis and poles, at home. Especially if your travel is in a small vehicle or flying. I’ve discovered the joy of traveling without my skis up to Lake Tahoe to ski Heavenly Valley and picking up my equipment at Shoreline of Tahoe! Their main location is at 259 Kingsbury Grade, Stateline, NV 89449 and their phone is 775-588-8777.

Just above Hwy 50 on the Kingsbury Grade makes them very quick and easy to get to. This time I was greeted as I entered by Keith, and asked how I could be helped. There were quite a few happy skiers and snowboarders inside getting great service selecting clothing, eye protection and rentals. Only waited 5 minutes before it was my turn too and as I had my boots ready for the fitting, the selection of my skis for the next 5 days was easy, sending me on my way in about 15 minutes total time! Wow, now THAT’S service!

Keith had asked me the standard questions and skiing ability and what type of skiing I was planning on for this trip. Sharing with him this information, Keith disappeared and came out with what I later discovered was the perfect fit for the snow conditions and advance skiing abilities. Thank you Keith!

The snow conditions on Wednesday the 5th were awesome as well as yesterday the 6th. The skis performed better than me, as it is my first skiing of the season, but I will be up to full speed later today, the 7th of January, and over the top tomorrow.


Dropping off my skis after my last day makes it so easy to put everything else together for my departure back to So Cal in the jeep leaving plenty of room for my passengers.

Bottom line, I’ve been renting my ski equipment from the folks at Shoreline of Tahoe now for several years and plan to continue doing the same for years to come.

Happy skiing to you all!