The FBI Raid on Christian, Pro-Life, and Conservative Leaders: The Real Reason Behind the Weaponization of Government [Radio/Podcast Interview]

Election Forum,

Recently, Craig Huey had a national radio/podcast interview with Bill Martinez.

They discussed the Biden administration’s weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI, and the recent raid on pro-life, Christian author Mark Houck.

Click HERE to listen.

Here are some highlights from the first part of Craig’s interview regarding the Biden Administration’s attack on Christians, conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans:

  • The FBI and DOJ have been weaponized to go after political enemies… I explain why.
  • People who stand for life have been identified as one of the Biden administration’s greatest enemies. This is not a story from Cuba, Venezuela, or Mexico. This is happening in the United States.
  • Thirty to Forty FBI terrified Houck’s wife and 7 children with drawn guns, the way they have done to other conservative leaders, Republican leaders, and Christian leaders with the intent of destroying their lives and putting fear in anyone who stands against anyone the policies of the socialist in the Biden Administration.
  • The ultimate goal of the socialist Biden Administration is to silence any voices of opposition. The Biden Administration through the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and other government agencies is using Gestapo-like fear and intimidation tactics to keep the opposition in line.

As you can see, the interview got pretty exciting. You can listen HERE.