The OC Fair Rocked By Led Zepplica

July 18, 2022

By: Bryan Seltzer,

Costa Mesa, Ca; Saturday night at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa was “Rocked” during it’s 2nd day being open this year. In the Hangar, the Tribute Band for Led Zeppelin, Led Zepplica, had those attending inside and outside moving and a shaking. It was like an earthquake! Such a joy to see so many people enjoying great music recreated by professional musicians in the sound, moves and appearances of the originals! Definitely an experience for the young and old. 

With the doors not opening until about 7 PM, the crowds started gathering just waiting for the opportunity to go inside and find their seats. While waiting, the food vendors were providing all of the tasty treats needed to satisfy their urge for eats before the show. A small barrier set up in front of the Hangar Doors where those without tickets can get a front row place to stand outside the Hangar. It’s like attending many of the concerts in the past that are all outdoors. With the upgraded audio and visual, the sound even outside is almost as good as inside. View screens are set up on either side of the Hangar Doors too providing a visual for those even farther away like, maybe 100 yards even. Way to go OC Fair!

Carrie and Traci

The Audience Is Ready!!





Led Zepplica started off with one of the basic favorites which had those just walking by outside to change their direction and find a place to sit or stand to enjoy. The moves by the musicians looked just like the originals and sounded the same too! Nice. Led Zepplica performs all over the USA and Internationally as well. I have been fortunate enough to have watched their shows at many locations and the Hangar at the OC Fair is one of the best presentations for this band and music!


So, not sure what to do for the next 4 weeks from Wednesday through Sunday?? Look online and check out who’s playing in the Hangar or the Pacific Ampitheater. The lineup of performers is totally awesome. You many not find the one you want to hear or see every night but you will find several that if you miss them, you’ll not like yourself in the morning! LOL


Part of the Hangar Team – Photo by: Bryan Seltzer,


And I cannot forget the awesome staff assisting those inside the Hangar. Friendly faces, great smiles and an ability to serve with joy! I do look forward to seeing the Hangar Crew every year! Once again, the Orange County Fair is bringing you only the best!

See you there!