Tickets for JESUS REVOLUTION are now on sale!

Dear Friends,

Tickets for JESUS REVOLUTION are now on sale!

We poured our hearts into this film. This is the story we’ve been waiting to tell and the timing feels like it couldn’t be better. We need another awakening. We need revival. What better time to remember how God’s Word swept through the nation, changing the trajectory for an entire generation of hippies and truth-seekers.

See JESUS REVOLUTION in a theater near you this February. And let’s pray for another Jesus Movement in our lifetimes.


To celebrate this special day, we have a never-before-seen featurette of Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen).

In JESUS REVOLUTION, their characters are about as different as can be. A “square” pastor of a struggling church. A rogue hippie street preacher. But together they help usher in the Jesus Movement of the 1970s.

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