Villa Musica, San Diego’s Community Music CenterReceives Prebys Foundation Grant for $150,000Now Poised to Open Villa Musica II!

San Diego – Prebys Foundation recently announced that it has awarded 147 grants totaling $30,607,625 in its four program areas: Visual and Performing Arts, Youth Success, Healthcare, and Medical Research to
organizations throughout San Diego County. Villa Musica, San Diego’s Community Music Center is thrilled to be the recipient of a $150,000 grant from the Prebys Foundation

Dr. Fiona Chatwin, Executive and Artistic Director of Villa Musica shared “In San Diego, funding from the Prebys Foundation is really exciting. It’s like getting an NEA grant. It’s validating and literally a game-changer. Their “Communities of Belonging” Initiative spoke to us in a language we speak every day. At Villa Musica, creating space for aspiring musicians across San Diego has long been the goal. Creating an environment of belonging through music is at the core of our mission, and when this new arts grant series was announced the alignment felt really good. And so now, with the support of the Prebys Foundation we are poised to replicate our Sorrento Valley campus and open Villa Musica II. Stay tuned for exciting updates for a 2025 opening, as we enter our 20th year of providing quality music education across the county.”

“When we announced the foundation’s strategic plan earlier this year, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us to make good on our ambitious goals,” said Prebys Foundation CEO Grant Oliphant. “We spent this past year crisscrossing the county to build relationships, developing and refining our grantmaking strategies, and creating an interconnected investment portfolio that we believe will contribute to a vibrant and thriving region for all. We urge and invite others to invest in their nearby communities, extending support across all levels – every contribution helps our region thrive.”

Throughout the year, the foundation met with community leaders across the region to engage directly with educators, artists, healthcare practitioners, and families and individuals on how to ensure resources go directly to organizations with deep ties to underserved communities and to those that can scale up existing efforts to reach greater numbers of people. 147 grants were awarded in areas including Visual and Performing Arts, Medical Research, Healthcare and Youth Success. The fiscal breakdown is below.

Breakdown of Funding by Prebys Foundation Program Area
Program Area Number of Awards Total Amount of Awards
Visual and Performing Arts 67 $10,432,625
Medical Research 14 $7,000,000
Healthcare 33 $6,725,000
Youth Success 33 $6,450,000
Total 147 $30,607,625

The Visual and Performing Arts
The foundation committed $10,432,625 to enhancing access to the arts and strengthening arts institutions financially. Emily Young, Vice President for Programs, noted, “The arts provide meaning and connection for communities across the region, and make San Diego the special place it is. These grants aim to foster a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape and ensure everyone has the opportunity to engage with the arts.”

Under the arts portfolio, Prebys funded:
(1) major institutions rooted in the local community that stimulate economic
(2) community arts organizations elevating the work of artists and
(3) organizations creating dynamic art to bring people together across differences

Villa Musica was honored to be one of San Diego’s Visual and Performing Arts Grant recipients.

About Prebys Foundation

Prebys Foundation is the largest independent private foundation in San Diego County and works to create an inclusive, equitable, and dynamic future for all San Diegans. In 2023, the foundation made 214 grants totaling more than $57 Million across the arts, health, medical research, and youth success areas. The Foundation advances excellence and shared opportunity through investments in groundbreaking institutions, ideas, and people to ensure more San Diegans are financially secure, healthy, empowered, and connected. The foundation invests in four program areas: visual and performing arts, medical research, healthcare, and youth success, and pays attention to the impact of its work on climate, the region’s character as a border region, and a robust democracy. For more information, visit

About Villa Musica
Villa Musica makes music accessible through education, performance and community engagement. Founded as a 501c3 non-profit corporation in November 2005, Villa Musica is a vibrant gathering place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to take music lessons, play in an ensemble, or participate in a workshop. Villa Musica’s goal is to create a focal point for community music education in San Diego, where students and teachers can meet to exchange ideas and experience the joy of making music. By creating a supportive and creative environment for the study of music, we aim to inspire many San Diegans to make music-making part of their lives. Villa Musica is a leader in providing access to high quality music education to students of all ages and abilities. We continue to build a broad range of programs that serve the San Diego Community at our main campus, neighborhood satellites, with partnering organizations and schools. www.villamusica.or