What Happens In Vegas…..

By: Bryan Seltzer 
    International Press Association 

You’ve often heard it said that “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas”, right?? Well, some things are just too good to leave there in Vegas like, the perfect dinner with friends at the SW Steakhouse inside the Wynn Las Vegas! You have to “shout this to the world” of what happened in Vegas that evening needs to be told!

The SW Steakhouse has exceptional steaks, among other tasty items, including certified Kobe, which is served in a refined dining room and patio with prime views of Wynn’s Lake of Dreams. Not only is the food totally delicious but the fabulous show on the Lake of Dream…. amazing!

Jessica McLaughlin – Manager & Jorge Diaz – Busser

With Managers like Jessica McLaughlin greeting you as you enter this “magical restaurant”, your soon coming delight has just started. Being blessed with a lakeside table,

Tony Fonseca and his extremely lovely wife, our hosts for the evening, our table of 4 started the journey to Nirvana with delectable foods, liquids and the unforgettable Sights and Sounds of the show on the Lake of Dreams! The experience of the evening, service, food, fun, fellowship and surrounds must be shared so others can celebrate “living life” for at least one night in their lives!!

It all starts with your call to them and securing reservations at the Wynn Las Vegas (702) 770-3325 for the SW Steakhouse. Be ready for a pleasurable evening and spend the time to get completely immersed, taking in all that they have to offer. Oh, don’t forget the desert!