Who Said Crocodiles Can’t Rock…Not Elton the Early Years!!

July 22, 2022

By: Bryan Seltzer, IPANews.com

Costa Mesa, California:  Fasten your seat belts and hold on, the show is about ready to start!!! 

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPANews.com
Bryan, IPANews.com

Wow, that is what should have been announced as Kenny Metcalf took the stage along with the other band members of his “dream team”! From start to finish, nothing but great music, smiling faces, laughter and dancing, well not in the streets, in the isles, along the side areas and outside of the Hangar where those who were not able to purchase tickets ahead of time, the Concert was sold out, enjoyed the whole show! (By the way, purchase your tickets ahead of time online at the OCFair.com as you do not want to miss any more of these awesome concerts.)

Bryan IPANews

Elton, Kenny, walked on stage as the crowd erupted with shouts of joy and clapping. He hit those first keys on the piano for Benny and the Jets and the audience knew what was coming next!! It was a giant sing-along to all of these favorites performed to perfection. I almost felt the earth move under my feet with the awesome vibrations. Oh, how I have missed Kenny’s performances and the great tunes of an era gone past. Kenny has that ability to revive those memories that are sleeping within most of those attending. Young and old could not hold still! I was wishing the show would never stop! 

Bryan IPANews.com


Oh, and some extra background singers were added… that was almost a separate show in itself. Family members and good friends all came together to perform to a very appreciated crowd.


Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPANews

Let me see… did I mention a rocking crocodile? Yes I did and Kenny worked his magic singing the Crocodile Rock and guess what! Not just one but 2 Crocks came on stage to Rock with the music! And yes, the audience clapped and sang all the more as the big and small crock danced all over the stage… Fun for sure! 

Standing in the back of the seated audience, I found about 50 of Kenny’s family and close followers singing and dancing throughout the whole show. A few of them gathered together for a group photo and I was delighted to take the picture of the group all together. Friends & Family are so important to Kenny, and having known him for many, many years I see this side of him as well. Love it!!

Photo by: Bryan Seltzer, IPANews.com
Bryan, IPANews.com

As the show was starting to wind down, Kenny was able to get the onstage time extended and 2 more songs were performed to bring a sweet closure to one of Kenny’s best presentations of Elton, the Early Years! 


Bryan, IPANews

Go online and look for Kenny’s web page to see where he will be performing next. https://www.eltontheearlyyears.com/  

Wherever it is, you will totally enjoy the show!