Biden Is Responsible For Ukraine Invasion

By: Bryan Seltzer
IPANews – Sr. Editor

Biden and Harris leadership has been the worst in the history of the United States of America! And those who supported them and voted for them, or fixed the voting machines to vote for them, must take full responsibility for what’s happening in the Ukraine and the mess the world is in today! You cannot negotiate peace through weakness! Kill our energy and natural resource supply while allowing Russia to grow theirs and rake in Billions at the same time, even buying oil from Russia and here we are! Also the failed leadership of Biden and Harris, the two puppet leaders, have made America weak in many other big ways! Hillary is dirty in this too with the Russian Collusion she had made up and apparently funded. Pelosi, Schift, Schumer and those lying to the American Citizens to try and take down Trump are equally guilty in what’s happening in the Ukraine and other countries in the world! Sad part is, they do not care! They have made their money off politics and back room deals… Corruption! It also seems it’s OK to do the “dirty” if you’re a Dem but if a Republician were to do what THEY do…. the Dem’s Hang Them High!

“Branco” The Good OL’ Days

Bottom line, everything Biden has touched has turned to poop. Seems everything Biden does hurts the citizens of America. America is LAST in Biden’s book! Allowing the invasion at our borders, destroying our energy independence, arming the Taliban with the military resources left behind making them stronger than they were 20 years ago! Abandoning civilians and supporters in Afghanistan causing the death of thousands, all on Biden’s hands and anyone who supported him. Evil is afoot and I believe they, whoever “they are”, are doing their best to take down the United States of America and the Freedom that our father fought and died for! The list goes on and on. Bottom line the Dem party and their true leaders are getting what they wanted, the destruction of America! Stupid is as Stupid does and those who don’t see what’s happening must have their eyes closed or are in agreement with a World at War, Higher Inflation, Higher Crime, Evil being called Good and Good being called Evil! 

Pray for America, pray for those in the Ukraine!

Lord come quickly!!