Building Bridges Between Jews and Christians Has Never Been More Important

The war here in Israel continues to take its toll. 

As I write, I am expecting my son home any minute before he goes back to his unit in Gaza. He got out for 48 hours and it’s been a blessing to see him alive and well.  Next week, he will be married for 6 months, half of which has been spent in the army. Please pray for him and my daughter in law that soon they will be able to live together as a couple in their rented apartment that they’ve never slept in yet.

I share this because while Israel is still suffering unprecedented grief and loss, we are also experiencing unprecedented unity. We are also experiencing something no less unique and unprecedented: support for Israel and the Jewish people from Christians all over the world. I don’t mean unprecedented support since Israel’s restoration 75 years ago. I mean at a level never before seen in history. Please see the article I wrote about that recently here.

This week, thanks to the generous donations to the Israel Emergency Campaign, I had the privilege to deliver hundreds of warm winter jackets to soldiers stationed in the Galilee and Golan Heights where it’s really cold. When we gave out the jackets, I was sure to tell the soldiers that most of the donations came from Christians all over the world. They were overwhelmed, expressing the “honor” and how so many of them feel Israel is alone, this warms their bodies and their hearts. For most of the soldiers, it never occurred to them that Christians would care. Your support means the world.

As I said, the level of support has been unprecedented, and it’s never been more important. And your support of the Genesis 123 Foundation has also never been more important. I pray that you’ll join us one last time in 2023 to bless Israel and build bridges between Jews and Christians.

This year, in addition to the Israel Emergency Campaign and our petition to release ALL the hostages, and my being hosted on dozens of radio and TV interviews, we’ve done so much more. We’ve established a firm presence in Africa, creating meaningful relationships and being a blessing to the families of the world that are often overlooked in this important continent with hundreds of millions of Christians who love Israel. We continue to offer powerful content to engage people all over the world through the Inspiration from Zion podcast. And we have published the spectacular Israel The Miracle book, bringing together 75 Chrisitan leaders from all around the world, writing about why Israel is so important. The images are as breathtaking as the essays are moving. And much more.

We were not planning for a war but because of the past support from countless people like you, we were poised and ready to jump in on the second day of the war to make the biggest impact with the greatest integrity.

There will be more needs as the war continues: for soldiers, victims of the October 7 massacre and their families, widows and orphans, at-risk youth, and more. I pray that you will partner with us at the right time. If you have specific interest or just want to be part of a first-hand briefing for your church or community, please let me know.

For now, today, I’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider and join us with one last donation to the Genesis 123 Foundation in 2023, so no matter what comes in 2024, we remain at the forefront of providing a critical response, and doing so as we do with everything, building bridges between Jews and Christians. It’s so important.Please donate here today, even just $1 because literally every dollar makes a difference.

No matter what, just as God promises to bless those who bless Israel, I pray that 2024 will be one full of abundant blessings for you and all your loved ones. 

Blessings from Jerusalem, 
Jonathan Feldstein
PresidentGenesis 123 Foundation

PS: The Genesis 123 Foundation is dedicated to building bridges between Jews and Christians and Christians with Israel in ways that are new, unique, and meaningful. Inspiration from Zion is one of the ways in which we achieve that, along with Run for Zion, and a program to connect children with Israel in an age appropriate and biblical way through Verses for Zion. You can also subscribe to our new podcast at the Charisma Podcast Network, or on Apple, Spotify, etc. Please be in touch at to join us in these and other ways to build meaningful relationships, together, or at