A Costly Obsession with Abortion


January 06, 2017

A Costly Obsession with Abortion
Supporting Planned Parenthood isn’t just the wrong decision — it could be politically costly! Some Senate Democrats are about to learn that lesson the hard way, Susan B. Anthony List warns in a new report about voters’ feelings on the abortion giant.
Illinois School Puts Faith on Recess
Illinois has one of the worst murder rates in the country, but a new report says that what the state’s killing now is freedom. The bullies at Freedom from Religion Foundation are making sure of that, thanks to their usual scare tactics on religious expression. Unfortunately, not every school district has gotten the message that these atheists don’t understand the Constitution — a fact that’s been proven over and over again in court.
Life on the Digital Front
The fight for the lives of the unborn isn’t just a policy battle waged on Capitol Hill, statehouses, executive offices, and courtrooms. The modern struggle for human life takes place with pro-lifers everywhere being a voice for the voiceless in their daily lives.

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