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May 13, 2018

Looking to Gaza where hundreds of rioters storming border fence
Watching a bomb-kite exploding on farmers field
An update for you… There were visitors from California who were taken to the Gaza border on Friday the 11th.  Wow!  They saw fires starting everywhere, firetrucks and emergency vehicles were racing from site to site to help peole and put out the fires.  Interviewed many of the local people and these photos were taken at the same time. The Iron Dome was positioned on a hill overlooking Gaza and the rest comes from reports:
On Friday May 11, Gaza residents hurled pipe bombs, rocks, grenades, and burned down the humanitarian aid station.  Also they destroyed fuel lines leading to Gaza from Israel.  Israel supplies Gaza with fuel, and now it will take millions of shekels to repair the damage.  Hundred of acres of Israeli farmland and forests along the Gaza border have been burned down by the Molotov kite eco-terrorists.
So sad to see the look on the faces of those helping
Gaza City behind the fence we are standing at
During the day there were violent riots in five locations along the Gaza border, with the participation of some 15,000 Arabs, who torched tires and threw stones at IDF forces.   The IDF began to use a new weapon against the kite threat – radio-controlled model airplanes with knives attached to their wings.  The new means of combating the firebomb kites began for the first time on Friday. The model aircraft operators managed to drop at least 7 kites that threatened to land in Israeli territory.
                             Sorry for the unorganized report, it reminds us of how the day went on Friday…very chaotic and unorganized!!
 Schedule For Historic Week in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Day – Sunday 13th
Increasingly, Jerusalem Day events have become a rallying point for Bible Believing Jews and Christians from Israel and around the world. In the Flag March, thousands pass through the Old City, entering from the Damascus Gate and Jaffa Gate and gathering at the Western Wall. The growth of the event has been accompanied by unrest between the marchers and Palestinian residents of the Old City, including racist chants and physical harassment by local Arabs as well as stone-throwing.Last year’s event drew a record 60,000 participants – as well as hundreds of leftist activists and Palestinians who clashed with marchers and were violently dispersed by the police.
Embassy Move – Monday 14th  4:00 PM
Jerusalem Day will transition into the celebration of the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The (800 person) guest list for the Foreign Ministry reception includes Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, Congressmen and other U.S. officials. Israeli attendees will include the cabinet, the heads of Knesset committees, members of the Knesset. Also attending will be 30 foreign diplomats – out of 86 who were invited. The event will also be attended by President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu.
May 14th will be the latest “day of rage” called for by the Palestinians if the move of the embassy takes place as scheduled, said senior PLO official Majdalani. As reported in the Jerusalem Post, “May 14th will be a huge, popular day of rage everywhere,” Majdalani said, according to Voice of Palestine, the official Palestinian Authority (PA) radio station. “Our people will express their rejection of relocating the embassy to Jerusalem in many various ways including violence.”
Peace Now Demonstration – Monday May 14th

 Another major demonstration is expected as Peace Now plans to gather outside the dedication ceremony for the new embassy, protesting the move and warning that it may harm Israeli security and chances for peace, because the Palestinians want their future capital in Jerusalem and not the Israeli Capital.
Nakba Day – Tuesday May 15th  – “They deliberately chose a tragic day in Palestinian history, the Nakba, as an act of cruelty adding insult to injury” added Palestinian chief negotiator  Erekat, “It would provoke the feelings of the Palestinian people, as well as of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians around the globe.”
What is Nakba Day? – 

Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe; the Palestinians mark Nakba Day each year on May 15th, after losing the war against the new Jewish Nation. For Palestinians, Nakba Day is a day of mourning and anger, lamenting the more than 700,000 Arabs who fled from their homes before the war, believing the Arab nations would kill the new Jewish nation, and they could return to their homes and take over the Jewish homes. Nakba Day commemorations call for a return of those refugees but many of them have passed away in the last 70 years. So, they want all relatives from the original person to have the right to live in Israel, which would could now be in the millions. Muslims can have up to 5 wives and normally have an average of 9 children.
Hamas threatens the border – Tuesday, May 15th
Events are scheduled to take place across the West Bank and Israel itself, including a large march in Nablus, several events in Ramallah and a ceremony in front of Tel Aviv University. This year the spotlight will be on Gaza, where Hamas’ leaders have threatened a mass storming of the border to destroy the border fence. Israel is bracing for a mass eventthis day.
Ramadan – Evening of Nakba Day, Tuesday 15th also marks the beginning of the month-long observance of Ramadan, when Muslims embark on a month of intense prayer to Allah, dawn-to-dusk fasting of everything including water, cigarettes and sex until the evening when the nightly feasts begin.


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