Gaza Terror Tunnel Destroyed in Israel

Gaza Terror Tunnel Destroyed in Israel

Hamas digs a terror tunnel to attack Israelis. Israel destroys the terror tunnel to defend its people. Hamas accuses Israel of declaring war by destroying its terror tunnels used to attack Israelis. Apparently, Israel has good reason to question a “peace agreement” with the PA, who have recently brought the Hamas party under their control. Now, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas party are accusing Israel of using poisonous gas while destroying the tunnels.

Jerusalem Online reported, The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) used explosives to demolish a terror tunnel that lead from the Gaza Strip to Israel. The tunnel, that Israel destroyed on the Israel side, was new and currently under construction.

The IDF statement said, “The Hamas is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip, since they rule there. The IDF will continue to take all the measures at its disposal, above and below ground, to thwart attempts to harm the residents of the State of Israel.”

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) calls terror tunnel explosion a ‘clear declaration of war by Israel’

The PIJ commented on the tunnel explosion that claimed the lives of at least eight PIJ and Hamas members, stating that it might attack Israel in response. “We will not hesitate to defend our land and our people…The Israeli explosion [constitutes] a dangerous escalation [of the situation] that was designed to disrupt our plans [to kill Israelis]. We will examine all options including a response to this aggression,” a senior PIJ official stated, that the tunnels are a part of his organization’s deterrence strategy and that their destruction is a “clear declaration of war by Israel”, when in actuality Israel needs to protect against these brutal attacks.


During the writing of this article Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) October 31, 2017 has reported, the Hamas are now accusing Israel of using “poisonous gas” while exploding the terror tunnel.

Instead of condemning the digging of the terror tunnel, Abbas’s Palestinian Authority (PA) chose to accuse Israel of using “poisonous gas” in breach of International law.

We must be diligent to examine of the facts of every case. This is one example of the ways the PA Government, who controls their media services, to incite their people to violence against the Israelis.


Len Watts IPA News 11/01/2017

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