Gorsuch Gets into the Swing with Playground Case

Neil Gorsuch

April 19, 2017

Gorsuch Gets into the Swing with Playground Case
What does a children’s playground have to do with the Supreme Court? A lot, starting today. That’s when the justices — including the bench’s newest member, Neil Gorsuch — heard oral arguments in a case of religious discrimination against Missouri’s Trinity Lutheran Church.
NCAA’s Return May Net Win for Texas
Now that the NCAA is bouncing back to North Carolina, Texas leaders are ready to get the ball rolling on their own privacy act. After weeks of being cooped up in the state house, one legislator thinks his new bill can break the logjam.
You Can Take Trump’s Picks to the Bank
There are plenty of government agencies conservatives would love to abolish. But instead of getting rid of them, which would take a herculean effort, President Trump has another solution: putting solid conservatives in charge of them.

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