Israel Attack Update – 10/09/2023

Monday, October 9

Israel is in horror as reports emerge of the rape, torture and abuse of captives by Hamas, particularly young women and children.

It is now clear that the military-style assault on the wilderness rave at Kibbutz Re’im was a long-planned target. Hundreds of festival-goers remain unaccounted for.

Most international carriers have grounded flights to Israel.

Despite sympathy from many, anti-Israeli and antisemitic riots and vandalism have already spread around the world.

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A Long-Planned Assault: It has become hideously apparent that the assault on the Supernova Sukkot Gathering outside Kibbutz Re’im, Israel, with an estimated 3,500 mostly young attendees, was long planned by Hamas and its sponsors in Tehran

As partygoers fled towards their cars, the terrorists had set a trap, attacking with motorcycles, vans and machine guns on what is being called the “highway of death.”

At least 260 murdered bodies have been found from this event alone. Many women were raped next to the corpses of their friends; some were then executed and others taken captive to Gaza, where they remain subject to rape, torture, and abuse.

The Tribulations of the Victims: Israeli children have been shown being abused and held captive in tiny animal cages.

The State Department has confirmed at least nine U.S. citizens killed in the rampage, with many more still unaccounted for.

Shani Louk, the 30-year-old female German tattoo artist whose broken and half-naked body was paraded through Gaza streets on an open pickup truck as men spit on and desecrated as well, was apparently robbed as well, as someone used her credit card from Gaza.

Hamas claims that four Israeli hostages have been killed in Israeli responsive airstrikes, although there is no way to verify this independently. It is believed that Israeli hostages have been distributed through the Strip to be used as human shields

The World Responds: Most international carriers have grounded all flights to Israel.

Iconic landmarks around the world have been lit up in support of Israel, including the Empire State Building, Brandenburg Gate, and the Sydney Opera House.

But anti-Israel demonstrations have also sprung up worldwide; aa major protest in Times Square, New York included the display of a swastika. A kosher restaurant in London was vandalized and nearby infrastructure prayed with anti-Israel graffiti.

An Eye on Lebanon: This morning, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fought off an attempted infiltration from the northern border with Lebanon, controlled by the terror group Hezbollah.

Israeli helicopters responded by carrying out strikes in Lebanon. However, all-out war has not erupted so far in the North.

Israel’s response: More Israelis died during the invasion than in any other singly day in Israel’s history or in any of its wars; more Jews were murdered Saturday than on any other day in the world since the Holocaust.

Israel is mobilizing 300,000 reservists in 48 hours, the fastest call-up in IDF history, as it prepares to move forward with ground operations in Gaza.

As unity government discussions continue, Avigdor Lieberman of the opposition Yisrael Beiteinu party declared that he would be willing to join the government if the cabinet commits to end Hamas rule over Gaza.