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Israel About to Break the 3 Million Tourist Mark! – Tourism Minister Yariv Levin: “This week we will welcome the 3 millionth tourist to Israel and should end the year with about 3.5 million tourists – an all-time record.  Tourism Minister will personally welcome the 3 millionth visitor to Israel. After a festive reception at the airport, the tourist accompanied by the Tourism Ministry, will head off for an unforgettable holiday experience, including an upgrade to a hotel suite, a limousine ride and a helicopter tour among other surprises.


Palestinians Leaders Bans Relations with Israel: – Palestinian artists warned they would be “expelled” from union if they participated in upcoming Israeli culture festival in Jerusalem. This is in accordance with the Palestinian Authority’s policy of banning any joint event such as sports, culture events or peace building activity with Israel – referred to as ‘normal relations’.


Hospital Drills for War with Hezbollah – The largest hospital in northern Israel, Rambam Medical Center, conducted a drill simulating the arrival of hundreds of citizens wounded by rocket and missile attacks, including those injured by chemical weapons. This comes as Hezbollah increases its stockpile of over 150,000 rockets and missiles on Israel’s northern border.


Netanyahu: Hariri Resignation Highlights Iranian Threat – The announcement made while in Saudi Arabia by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri that he is resigning because he is afraid of being assassinated by Iran and the Lebanese Shi’ite militia Hezbollah, sent shock waves throughout the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the world should pay close attention. Hezbollah is no small terrorist group and have thousands of rockets pointed at Israel.  They receive finances and weapons from Iran.

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