Israel Under Rocket Fire From Gaza, Over 300 Rockets Fired into Israel Today

Israel Update!!

November 12, 2018


Sunday 11/11/18 – Israel had a classified mission in Gaza Sunday night. A fire fight broke out causing

the death of a senior Hamas commander and 5 other Hamas operatives, also one Israeli soldier was wounded and an Israeli intelligence officer was killed.


Monday 11/12/18 – The Red Alert sirens began blaring at 4:30 this afternoon in Southern Israel. So far 300+ rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza. Many injuries have been reported, homes hit, cars & structures on fire and hundreds of thousands of Israelis running to shelters. The IDF is responding by striking Hamas targets in Gaza.  Hamas said they will not stop, there will be no breaks.


One young girl was treated after her finger was partially cut off by a door in a bomb shelter when it was slammed shut. An empty bus was hit but one person seriously wounded. “Our volunteers are running from emergency to emergency due to the high volume of calls from people suffering injuries or shock as a result of the rocket fire and the resulting air raid sirens,” she said.


Local  Landlord of a good friend sent a message to them a couple of hours ago:

“Due to escalation in the south, there is concern that the rockets from Gaza will also be launched into our territory.  If you hear an alarm, enter the kitchen area of the apartment and wait about 10 minutes.”

Most homes have ‘safe rooms’ inside them, but many bomb shelters are communal and could be in a parking lot.


History Facts:

In 2005 Israel agreed to expel all Jewish people from the Gaza Strip in exchange for peace.


Some background info on the Gaza Strip

From 1948 to 2005 Jews and Arabs lived in the Gaza Strip.  In 2001 Arabs in Gaza began firing rockets into Israeli communities. After many injuries, Israel agreed to trade “Land for Peace” and moved over 8,000 Jewish people from 21 different communities in the Gaza Strip, giving it to the Arabs. Israel has no military of any sort in Gaza, it is totally controlled by Hamas. The Hamas is a ‘Palestinian’ political opponent to the Fatah party of the Palestinian Authority.  In the 2005 disengagement plan Jews living in Gaza lost their homes and businesses and some are still displaced. But instead of peace, Israel was attacked by thousands of rockets fired from Gaza since the move in 2005.


Year                Number of Rockets fired into Israel from Gaza

2005                             238

2006                            1711

2007                            1271

2008                            1399

2009                             569

2010                             150

By 2012,  in just 7 years 9,000 Rockets were fired into Israel from their ‘peace partner’ Hamas.

2014     4594     Israeli troops went into Gaza.  This was called ‘Operation Protective Edge’.

2015  After the ‘Conflict it was fairly quiet, but since then rocket fire increased each year.

2018  Hamas incited their people in March to attack Israel with kites and balloons attached to Molotov Cocktails. These attacks have been continuing for 8 months burning many crops and structures.


What was learned is that trading land for peace does not work. 

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