Lack of Transparency from The White House

During Presidents Trump and Obama’s term in Office, Journalists on the White House Press list received Press Releases (PR) whenever an order was executed. For instance, we would receive a PR when the President would make an important ‘Statement’ or ‘Proclamation’, or when the President presented a Medal or made a Nomination, also when he signed a ‘Memorandum’ or just wanted to say “Merry Christmas”.  We received PR’s whenever the President made a ‘Bill Announcement’ or wrote an ‘Executive Order’ so that we could report on the changes being made by the Administration. We received weekly pictures of President Trump and was even informed of his health. We also received PR’s from the National Security Advisor during Trump’s Presidency.  It was not unusual to receive 5 or more Press Releases from the White House each day. We realize how transparent the Trump Administration was and that they wanted to keep the American people informed.

However, since the Biden Administration has taken office we have not received Press Releases from the Office of the President, only from the Office of the Vice President. It’s possible that the new Administration deleted journalists from the Office of the President list leaving only a selected few reporters and media organizations.  Whatever the case, information is not being freely shared as it was with previous Administrations.  To date, I have not received PRs, or text of the ‘Executive Orders’ which President Biden signed in his first month of Office. 

Another document Journalists normally receive is the schedule of the President. This is true of other Nations also. The Government Press Office in Israel sends us the schedules of both Prime Minister and President, but the White House only sends us the schedule of the Vice President.

I searched for the information I lacked from the White House and found the website, to be very informative and open to the public. Here they list all 59 Presidential Orders signed from January 20th to February 24th, and ‘Orders’ that will soon be made public.

Still, the silence of the White House leads to questions, and we wonder why this Administration is not being as transparent as previous Administrations.  We want to trust that our Government is working for the people of America and not hiding from the people of America.