Looking for something BIG in a LITTLE package? Check out Live X’s Little DJI Osmo Pocket!

By: Bryan Seltzer        
International Press Association, IPAnews

Feb 15, 2019

Wow, just when you think things can’t get much smaller for a camera, Live X comes up with another awesome, small, lightweight gimbal with an incorporated camera! This one matches up with your smartphone and an app that you download, the Mimo app.

DJI Osmo Pocket

Small enough to fit into your pocket, once you’ve attached it to your smartphone, you have a full screen view of the footage being shot and recorded. Since we seem to always have out smartphones with us at all times, this small attachment is a BIG asset to catch that shot with clarity as the gimbal keeps the camera steady. The gimbal weighs in at 4.1 oz and is only 4.8” tall. Now that is small and light! With the 256GD microSD card, you can record up to 4k 60 video too through the camera’s ½.3” sensor and a wide f/2.0, 80* angle-of-view lens.

There are extra features to assist you in getting the best picture too. Filters are available to match up with the cameras preset motions like “Face Track” mode or “Active Track” mode, or Motionlapse… With the Nightshot mode, moonlit or low-light scenes are doable and with the rechargeable battery, you can record up to 140 minutes of 1080p footage. Oh, can you believe this… it has an internal cooling system to prevent the unit from overheating!! Wow!

Check into this yourself at the Live X web site or visit them at the NAB! Lover all of their products, you will be amazed of what’s happening in this world of ground breaking technology! I know I will!!

See you there at the NAB!

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