New ‘Verses for Zion’ Program Teaches Kids About God’s Connection to Israel


JERUSALEM, Israel – A new online program launching Thursday is helping Christian children connect with the land of Israel through God’s Word.

Verses for Zion” helps bring Israel a little closer to home during the coronavirus pandemic by encouraging children to memorize 72 Bible verses about the Holy Land. 

“As we celebrate Israel’s 72nd Anniversary as a modern state, we have selected 72 Bible verses that describe the beauty and spiritual significance of Israel. As children memorize these verses, it will aid their understanding of God’s Word and how Israel relates to us as Christians,” said Pastor Trey Graham, a member of the Verses for Zion Advisory Board.

The project is meant to be a time when families can gather around the Bible and learn about the promises God has made to the Jewish people. Children who memorize all 72 verses will be recognized as “Bible Heroes” on VersesforZion.

Kids will also have access to numerous prizes and incentives, including being entered in a drawing for a free trip to Israel.

Jonathan Feldstein, President of Verses for Zion and the Genesis 123 Foundations said the project teaches kids and families that God keeps His promises.

“This year, on May 14, we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. This historic event is not just a milestone for Israel and the Jewish people, but for Christians and Jews together. Restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel is a direct fulfillment of God’s promise, pointing to the fact that His Word is true, that He is faithful, and He keeps His covenant promises,” said Feldstein.

“Israel today is every bit as significant to Bible-believing Christians as to Jews. Verses for Zion provides a tangible way for Christian children to connect with this ongoing miracle. It entrenches their faith and deepens their understanding of God, the Bible, and how that relates to us today through Israel.”

Churches and ministries can join the program to educate Christians about the connection between the Bible and modern Israel.

Participation in the program is free and is open until September.

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