Who is the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas?

We need to take a serious look into the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ past to see who the UN, EU, Western Nations, and America are asking Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate a peace deal with. And ultimately, who represents a government that Israel will attempt to live in peace with.


Mahmoud Abbas was born 26, March 1935 in Sefed, Palestine under the British Mandate (Now Northern Israel). At 13 years old, in 1948 during the Arab-Israeli War. His father, along with many other Arab families, totaling about 10 to 12 thousand Arabs, were convinced by their Arab leadership, the families would be killed by the Israeli Army for revenge of the Arab Massacre of Jews in 1929. Then overcome with fear they evacuated Sefed. Reba Abbas, Mahmoud’s father took his family to Syria. When the Arab families were convinced to leave Sefed, it was with the expectation that the Arab armies would quickly defeat the newly formed Israeli Government and be able to return to claim the land, history shows Israel’s Army won the war. It was from that time that the Arab people, who evacuated Israel, began to demand the “Right of Return.”


Mahmoud Abbas pursued his education in Damascus Syria where he received his law degree and went on to Moscow where he received an equivalent to a doctoral degree in history in 1982. His doctoral thesis is worth mentioning here, “The Other Side: the Secret Relationship between Nazism and Zionism.” In 1984 in Arabic, he wrote a book based on his thesis titled: “The Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement” Abbas argued in his book, that the Nazi-perpetrated Holocaust had been exaggerated and that the Zionists created the ‘myth’ of six million murdered Jews, which he called a “fantastic lie.”


In 1972 the world was witness to the Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli Olympic Athletes. Abu Daoud, wrote in his 1999 Memoirs that he was the mastermind, planner and architect of the 1972 massacre. I mention this here because, Abu Daoud alleged that the Fatah officials who were responsible for the financing of the Munich Massacre were Abu Iyad and Mahmoud Abbas. On 3rd July 2010 after Abu Iyads death, Abbas wrote a condolence letter to Daouds’ family, “He is missed. He was one of the leading figures of Fatah and spent his life in resistance and sincere work as well as physical sacrifice for the people’s just causes… He was at the forefront on every battlefield, with the aim of defending the [Palestinian] revolution. What a wonderful brother, companion, tough and stubborn, relentless fighter.”


September 2015, was an interesting month for us to examine the difference of President Abbas’ speech given in Arabic words the Palestinian People and a speech given to the UN General Assembly in English. He stated after three days of clashes between the Palestinian rioters and the Israeli Police at the Temple Mount, the words from President Abbas, (while speaking to the Palestinians in Arabic) were, “The Al-Aqsa Mosque is ours… They (Jews) have no right to desecrate the mosque with their filthy feet, we won’t allow them to do that” …” We will not forsake our country and we will keep every inch of our land. Every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem is pure, clean and pure blood spilled for Allah. Every shahid (martyr) will reach paradise, and every injured person will be rewarded by Allah.”


September 30th, 2015, Palestinian Authority, (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the UN General Assembly in which he stated that the PA would no longer be bound by the agreements signed with Israel including the 1993 Oslo accords. In the speech, President Abbas stated that, “We (Palestinians) do not respond to the Israeli occupation’s hatred and brutality with the same, instead we are working on spreading the culture of peace and coexistence between our people and in our region. We are anxious to witness the day when ‘all of the people in our region’ will enjoy peace, security, stability and prosperity.”


On October 1st, 2015, one day after President Abbas’s UN speech an Israeli couple were murdered in front of their four children by a Palestinian terrorist, and President Abbas did not comment on the murder, in fact he remained silent.


Although Mahmoud Abbas has a history of conveniently twisting the facts to promote his lies, there has been a particularly disturbing allegation he made while addressing the European Union (EU), once again, revealing his true agenda in regards to the Jewish people. In his speech on 23rd of June 2016 to the EU, Mahmoud Abbas charged, “Certain rabbis in Israel have said very clearly to their government that our (Palestinian) water should be poisoned in order to have Palestinians killed.” It was proven that the alleged statements by the rabbis were never made.  Abbas did have to admit his statements were false, but at the very least for a leader to address the EU and not check his facts is irresponsible but in this situation his outrageous statements were dangerous.


How long will this leader of the “Palestinian people” be allowed to go on twisting facts, lying, and promoting his agenda without being challenged. We continue to hear the Palestinian narrative that changes historic facts, that does not hold up to scrutiny. Yet when repeated often enough, builds a base of those who begin to defend these statements, as though they are somehow true. How is it that a leader who incites his people to violence and inspires his people to kill Israelis, not be held accountable? I begin to think that Abbas relies on our bad memories, and willingness to believe his version of history, but are we really that naïve?  So, ask yourself who is Mahmoud Abbas and can you believe him?


Len Watts IPA News 02/11/2017


Contributing to this Article: Times of Israel, PMW, MEMRI, Wikipedia


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