President’s Pride-orities out of Border

June 3, 2021
Family Research Council

“Here, here! No, no! Don’t go, no!” cried the 5-year-old boy. A viral video captured last Thursday showed the boy dropped off on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, abandoned in the desert with nothing but a teddy bear. Mexican cartels are conveying unprecedented numbers of children and other migrants to America’s southern border. The border was a virtual ghost town as recently as last winter, but it has lurched precipitously towards disaster since President Biden took office. As Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) described it, “It is a crisis of proportions that I have not seen, I think, in my entire professional career.”

It would be nice to see the Biden administration doing something to end the border crisis, but they only seem capable of making it worse. President Biden’s sudden halt to border construction means half-finished projects lie useless — searchlights not connected to power, for example. President Biden also refused to enforce the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, technically known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, which required migrants seeking asylum in the United States to do so in an orderly fashion. Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas) said Biden’s policies are “exacerbating the situation at the border and continuing to in the cartels instead of protecting and serving our communities.” No matter how many times Biden says, “don’t come,” his policies constitute a bright neon welcome sign.

Unmoved by the cries of abandoned children and the unprecedented flood of migrants, on Tuesday the Biden administration chose to make their wrongheaded policy permanent by officially repealing the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Now, states are left to clean up the mess. Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in 34 counties along the southern border. “Landowners along the border are seeing their property damaged and vandalized on a daily basis while the Biden Administration does nothing to protect them,” he said. Cloud added that border security “is supposed to be a federal responsibility. And so, we need to see the federal government step up to do it.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has gone full-rainbow for Pride Month. It kicked off with a presidential declaration celebrating LGBT Pride and rainbow flags at U.S. embassies around the world. They continue to push an aggressive policy agenda. Kamala Harris, whom Biden appointed to resolve the border crisis, has yet to even visit.

When ostriches see danger, they stick their head in the sand to pretend it isn’t real. Humans are supposed to be more intelligent. But the Biden administration — and the mainstream media — seem to believe the humanitarian crisis on the southern border will simply go away if they ignore it. But the problem is not likely to vanish. Foreign-based, criminal organizations are trafficking drugs and human beings across the border, and they are only too glad to run up the score while the defense is asleep. Meanwhile, the military is conducting a witch-hunt for white supremacy within the its branches.

The Mexican cartels are even spreading their power into the U.S. In a briefing, Cloud was told “there were two candidates for a sheriff’s race, and both were corrupted and already paid for by the cartels.” He explained, “our resources in the whole law enforcement apparatus across the southern border are completely out-matched, out-funded, out-manned, out-resourced, for all their best efforts, against the extraordinary resources the cartels have.” Why can’t the wealthiest country in the world give its border police the resources they need? Because the administration flatly refuses to supply them. Perhaps if border agents needed rainbow flags and pro-LGBT platitudes, support from the Biden administration would be more forthcoming.