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Paul, Apostle of Christ
Discover the Friendship Behind the Story
Being Paul’s travel companion wasn’t an easy task. Together, Paul and Luke endured months of rugged travel, shipwrecks, and constant threat from enemies as they labored to proclaim the truth. But Luke was a faithful friend—and as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:11, “Only Luke is with me” (NIV). As we see in PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST, Luke also strove to record Paul’s life story for future generations. In today’s behind-the-scenes video, learn about this inspiring Christian friendship!
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Amid the horrors of Nero’s Rome, Luke (Jim Caviezel) begins to question why love is the only way. But Paul (James Faulkner) reminds him to embody Christlike love, and urges him to write down what he has learned.
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PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST hits theaters in two weeks, on March 23! More theaters to come so keep checking back to find a theater near you!
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As we countdown to March 23, here’s how to make the most of this biblically-grounded film:
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