The Great Monster Chase Movie, Legoland, CA

August 29, 2022

By:       Bryan Seltzer
         International Press Association

Carlsbad, CA:  Have you been to LEGOLAND lately…. Or at all?

I received an invitation to a premier of the new 4D movie “The Great Monster Chase Movie” being shown onsite at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, CA this past Friday evening August 26, 2022. Having visited LEGOLAND only one time before since it’s opening, I was very excited to be going again!

This somewhat hidden treasure, LEGOLAND, is North of Interstate 5 in Carlsbad exiting on the Cannon Street Exit. The Resort and Fun Parks are Easy to get to with plenty of parking.

Greeted by smiling faces of the employees and other visitors, I knew the day would be special! Seeing the giant welcome sign was just a joy and the start of all the photo opportunities! LOL

With the event not starting until 5:30 PM, I had plenty of time to revisit the areas I had seen before as well as all of the other rides or sections previously missed. One of my son’s was able to join me so that was great father/son time too! I felt like a kid again!!

For those into building things, LEGOLAND has a variety of locations where a child, or an adult with the child mind, can build cars, space mobiles, rocket ships and such then get to see how they fly down the tracks or take off!

Roller Coasters, Ninja Warriors, Boat Rides, Car Rides, Helicopter Rides, Mechanical Pony Rides, Under the Sea Rides and so much more! Did I mention Water Rides… Take a Pirate Ship on a cruise and Blast, water cannons, the land lovers as they try to get you with theirs too! If it’s a little warm or you want to get wet?? Say no more, just step onto, or into, the water areas.. Oh so much fun!

Families, individuals, young and older are all enjoying the various aspects of LEGOLAND. Food, Music, Shows or just people watching…  Brings out the smiles in everyone!

Now the time has come for the movie!


The setup has been perfected to receive guests. A Red Carpet is rolled out for the guests to walk into the special area set up for the initial welcome. Some of the tallest people on earth are there to greet you as well! There is also live music being performed inside this area along with snacks, drinks (water, sodas, etc., pizza, and sweet treats! Out on the stage, some visiting youths step up and show their movies to the groovy music…Fun, Fun, Fun!






As movie time nears for the 1st premier showing, two of the cast movie monsters make a live showing for a great photo opp! Then….it’s time to view the movie!


Wow, such great action and thrills! The 4D with the special glasses has the figures right before you as you become part of The Great Monster Chase!! Very lively with unexpected turns around every corner. It was so good I watched it a second time before saying good bye to those who put this whole event together.

There is a special team that makes this happen with the coordination of many to pull it off very successfully and they did!

If you have never been to LEGOLAND or it’s been a while since your last visit, NOW is the time!



Bryan Seltzer