The Great Monster Chase! New Movie Premier At LEGOLAND August 26, 2022!

August 25, 2022

By: Bryan Seltzer, IPANews

The new LEGOLAND 4D movie “The Great Monster Chase” soon to be released is being shown at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad tomorrow night and I’M GOING! So excited!

Had my first visit to LEGOLAND earlier this year and boy was I surprised! Smiling faces wherever you looked. Families enjoying special time together as well as individuals taking it all in. I was even able to shoot a water cannon at a passing by pirate ship and had to dodge their return water blasts. Roller Coasters, Boat Rides, Theme Rides, Car Ride/Drives even for the very young and so much more! Great food is being served all over and water features too for those desiring to “cool down” quickly. Heck, they even had a large dryer where the whole family can get blown dry… now how awesome is that! 

But now I’m going to view the new upcoming LEGOLAND movie, The Great Monster Chase and am so looking forward to seeing another awesome, fun, family movie of there’s. 

If you haven’t been to LEGOLAND lately, it’s time to go! And keep your eye open for this movie coming out in a theater near you!